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[News] [Rival] Illegal Microsoft Deal in Switzerland Under Scrutiny

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Public Call for Tender Requested: Swiss Group Challenges Microsoft Contracts 

,----[ Quote ]
| The Swiss Federal Office for Construction and Logistics (Bundesamt für Bauten 
| und Logistik, or BBL) is reported as having purchased Microsoft licenses in 
| the order of 42 million Swiss francs (about $38 million). Because no public 
| bids were tendered, open source organizations are now requesting a review of 
| the decision.     



Federal government grants 42 million franks contract to Microsoft — without

,----[ Quote ]
| The Swiss federal government published in the Swiss Official Gazette of
| Commerce that it has granted a maintenance contract over CHF 42 million to
| Microsoft — however, without a prior tender. The monopolist apparently had
| been granted the contract under exclusion of any potential competition.
| The Federal Office of Construction and Logistics (BBL) apparently signed the
| maintenance contract over Windows and Office licenses, SharePoint et cetera
| in February already. A tender had never been held, so competitors had never
| been given a chance to demonstrate their own products. This, however, is
| clearly against the official regulations for acquisition of resources. A
| speaker of the Open Source corporation group /ch/open announced that the
| decision would be contested in front of the Federal Court which,
| incidentally, is a known user of the OpenOffice.org suite.



Official: Zürich’s students get rid of “Windows Tax”

,----[ Quote ]
| Thanks to their efforts, students and staff in Zürich now have the freedom 
| to /choose/ what software they want to run on their laptops. 


FSFE, SIUG File Official Objections to Switzerland's Vote on MS-OOXML

,----[ Quote ]
| It all reminds me of when I was a kid, and we'd sometimes settle things in 
| the playground with a coin toss. There was occasionally a smart aleck who'd 
| yell out as the coin was thrown up into the air, "Heads I win, Tails you 
| lose." This ISO process seems like that, in that people are voting against 
| MS-OOXML in numbers and raising serious questions, but somehow they get 
| ignored or bypassed.     


Swiss Cheese [for OOXML]

,----[ Quote ]
| The present spin doctors of Microsoft and ECMA managed to convince Mr. 
| Thomann to reject every serious technical and general concern we had 
| regarding OOMXL by pointing to compatibility reasons. At the end we had a 
| majority _against_ Microsoft but which (giving the unfair rules) results in a 
| Swiss vote _for_ Microsoft. Mr. Thomann was fretting and fuming at the end of 
| the meeting how it can be that successful international companies (we had 
| representatives from IBM, Google, ...) vote against the best interest of 
| their customers and theirself!       
| Yes, this is how the democratic system at SNV / ISO works. After the meeting 
| I could not eat as much as I wanted to puke... 

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