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[News] Intel's Crimes and Conviction Could Impact Microsoft's Anti-Linux Crimes

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Double-punch for Wintel Duopoly - and Beyond

,----[ Quote ]
| This might have interesting implications for the netbook market, where 
| Microsoft is desperately trying to keep manufacturers from offering cheaper 
| GNU/Linux models. How it does that could well come under scrutiny by the 
| European Commission if there's any hint it is apply pressure unfairly.   
| But beyond that, there's a more subtle point. These fines arise, after all, 
| from the abuse of monopoly power. And there are no greater abuses than those 
| associated with intellectual monopolies – patents and copyrights. The more 
| that the European Commission punishes such monopolies, the sooner, it seems 
| to me, it will be forced to confront the worst monopolies – those actually 
| backed by its constituent governments. If it wants to make the European 
| markets truly fair, and to promote competition, it should not just be hitting 
| big, bad companies that bully competitors, but the big, bad system that has 
| such bullying at its heart.         



Minister Pandor announces Teacher Laptop Initiative

,----[ Quote ]
| A monthly allowance will be paid to qualifying teachers for a period of 5
| years, renewable every 5 years, upon proof of acquiring the computer.


PJ: "Paid to use Microsoft in South Africa [...] If Microsoft keeps paying
teachers to use its software and has to pay for their computers too, I think
they'll go out of business in no time. Are people not willing to buy Office
2007? And what does it say about Microsoft's alleged commitment to OLPC?"

Will Microsoft blow its netbook lead with Windows 7 crippleware?

,----[ Quote ]
| So, reluctantly, Microsoft gave Windows XP Home a new lease on life and sold
| it below cost to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to kill the Linux
| desktop at the root.


PJ: "Say what? Are monopolies allowed to sell below cost to kill off a
competitor? EU Commission? Anyone?"
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