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[News] The Beginning of a Journey from Windows to GNU/Linux Desktop Goes Well

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Leaving The Nest: From Windows To Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The hour grows late, so after installing the updates I restart my computer. I 
| can’t help but wonder if Windows is okay. This time I select XP Pro from the 
| menu options, and my breath catches in my throat. Soon enough, I am staring 
| at the progress bar. Already I find myself aggravated by the time it takes 
| for my system to load. Sure enough, Windows is still there, just how I left 
| it. It has already lost some of its glamour. I grin as I shut it down, 
| thinking that I’ve made a wise choice today.      



Skolelinux for Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate Schools

,----[ Quote ]
| From now on, the schools in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate federal state will
| be running Skolelinux on their computers, based on a decision made a year
| ago. The project is now announcing its next phase.
| The federal state schools will not only adopt Skolelinux as their operating
| system, but also use it to develop curriculum in 11 pilot schools. The
| 10-point plan, roughly translated as "Media Competence Is Our Schools,"
| involves an adapted Skolelinux version, according to Burkhard Schaefer,
| consultant for the federal state's ministry of education, science, youth and
| culture: "The decision went to Skolelinux because it offered through
| available pedagogical network solutions from the Debian community a
| sustainable development based on software concepts." Rhineland-Palatinate is
| the second federal state after Hamburg to select a Linux solution for its
| schools.


Skolelinux 3.0:Debian Based Linux Distribution!

,----[ Quote ]
| Skolelinux is internationally available and it is currently being translated
| into many languages, including German, French, Norwegian, Polish, Greek and
| Spanish.

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