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Re: Gnote 0.3.1

After takin' a swig o' grog, Miguel de Icaza belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

> Hello,
>> Nice fellow you're tag-teaming with, Miguel.
> From the quotes you posted, it seems like you do not like him, because
> he does not like Roy.
> I am shocked, *shocked* that someone would not like Roy's hate
> mongering.

Roy doesn't "hate monger".  Maybe "dislike monger".  Roy wears his heart
on his sleeve, and overreaches sometimes.  But even his worst behavior is
a whole world less obnoxious than some of the garbage that Microsoft
proponents (and Microsoft themselves) have pulled.

I don't like Hadron because he is fundamentally dishonest and perverse.

He likes to say that I "call people 'fuckheads' and 'cunts'", as if I did
that regularly and to a lot of people.  Nah.  I use the phrase "the lying
Hadron cunt" for Hadron only, and it is mostly a 'pun' on the Large Hadron
Collider.  And I called some blogger quoted here a 'fuckhead' because his
ideas were incredibly silly and wrong-header.  Then I called Hadron that,
simply because he is an incredible fuckhead.  Which should be obvious from
the quotes (a very small sample of his egregious insults).

So, three instances of usage of those words as insult.

To top it off, Hadron gets "defended" by some anonymous clown who sent, as
"Nomen Nescio", an email to my /wife/ telling her that I "continually" use
the word "cunt".   Imagine being defended by a sneaky little Eddie-Haskel
shit who has to "tell on me" to my wife, as if she were my mommy.

Yeah, Miguel (if that is /really/ who you are, and I doubt it), keep
"hanging with Hadron".  Just remember to use the decontamination chamber

You learn to write as if to someone else because NEXT YEAR YOU WILL BE

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