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[News] [Rival] H-P Builds Appliances with GNU/Linux

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HP forges Netweaver XML appliance

,----[ Quote ]
| This machine is equipped with Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 
| operating system, with the Netweaver software loaded on top of it. The server 
| also includes a Tarari content processor board from LSI, and is then 
| networked to the SAP ERP system, which is told to point to the appliance for 
| Netweaver calls.    


Iron-pumping Microsoft SQL Server due this summer

,----[ Quote ]
| HP, meanwhile, is working with business-applications giant SAP on a server 
| appliance. Demonstrated at SAP's SAPPHIRE conference, the XML Appliance is 
| based on a quad-socket Xeon server ProLiant DL580 and runs Novell's SUSE 
| Linux Enterprise Server 10. The appliance is designed to format data in SAP 
| ERP systems into XML ready for use on the web, in reports or other documents.    



Irate e-mails reveal HP, Microsoft strife

,----[ Quote ]
| A surprise decision by Microsoft jeopardized its relationship with PC giant
| Hewlett-Packard a year before Windows Vista's release, according to internal
| e-mails unsealed late Friday in U.S. District Court in Seattle. The messages,
| between top Microsoft and HP executives, shed new light on the
| behind-the-scenes turmoil that preceded the operating system's troubled
| debut.
| "You have demonstrated a complete lack of commitment to HP as a strategic
| partner and cost us a lot of money in the process," wrote HP executive
| Richard Walker in a January 2006 message to then-Microsoft Windows chief Jim
| Allchin. "Your credibility is severely damaged in my organization."

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