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[News] [Rival] British ISPs Fight Back Against the MAFIAA

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Net firms reject 'policing role'

,----[ Quote ]
| Internet service providers (ISPs) have rejected calls for them to police the 
| net and cut off users who repeatedly file-share material unlawfully. 
| The umbrella group that represents ISPs said disconnecting users would be 
| a "disproportionate response".  


Just a pretext for deep inspection and surveillance without warrant?


Music industry's Irish ISP shakedown letter leaked

,----[ Quote ]
| An internet hosting company has published a copy of the nasty-gram Ireland's
| music industry lawyers bulk-mailed to that country's internet service
| providers, demanding they begin blocking access to any website accused of
| piracy or else.


British Government Violates Copyright

,----[ Quote ]
| As much as I utterly despise the entire premise of Intellectual Monopoly,
| this is about violating the principles of a Free License, and if it's good
| enough for the British government to violate our civil rights in the name of
| Intellectual Monopoly, then it's good enough for the Free World to protect
| its "property" (in fact Freedom) too…


UK government stole website theme

,----[ Quote ]
| NUMBER 10, the UK Prime Minister's website, is apparently built using a
| design it nicked.


Eircom to block Pirate Bay

,----[ Quote ]
| In a letter sent to ISPs across the country last week, the Irish Recorded
| Music Association (IRMA) disclosed the deal and warned others to follow suit
| or face legal action.


Irish ISP Eircom in 'three strike' filesharer crackdown

,----[ Quote ]
| Eircom had argued it was under no obligation to monitor the content of
| traffic over its network.
| The music labels originally wanted the court to order Eircom to install
| software from a US firm to detect copyrighted music files sent over its
| network. The ISP objected, saying the software could breach its customer's
| privacy.
| Instead, Eircom settled for the increasingly-familiar
| three-strikes "graduated response" program. The first time a subscriber's IP
| is detected infringing copyright, a warning is sent out. The second time, the
| subscriber is cautioned that they will be disconnected. Number three is the
| big disconnect.


ISP Capitulates to IFPI, Agrees to Disconnect Pirates

,----[ Quote ]
| Up until today, the ‘Big Four’ record labels were taking legal action against
| Ireland’s biggest ISP, Eircom, in order to force it to employ filtering
| technology to stop online pirates. The case has been aborted as Eircom, at
| the behest of the music industry, has agreed to start disconnecting those
| accused of illicit file-sharing.

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