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[News] [Rival] SJVN on GNU/Linux for Sub-notebooks, Vista 7's Early Signs of Death

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] SJVN on GNU/Linux for Sub-notebooks, Vista 7's Early Signs of Death
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 16:34:16 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.9
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Linux does have a future on netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| That reminds me. Dell is now offering the newer Ubuntu 8.10 on its Inspiron 
| 15n laptop. In the past, they were only offering the LTS (Long Term Service) 
| Ubuntu 7.04. Check it out. You see, Dell is taking desktop Linux seriously.  
| All the other big vendors, including Lenovo, make it almost impossible to 
| find their desktop Linux offerings. You’d almost think they want desktop 
| Linux to fail, and they’re only offering it because those darn, pesky 
| customers keep asking for it.    


What's the point of XP Mode anyway?

,----[ Quote ]
| VirtualBox will not only let you run XP on top of Windows 7, it will also let 
| you run Win 7 on top of XP, or Linux, or Mac OS X. or what-have you. It also 
| won't cost you a single red-cent, it runs great, and it's not 
| half-as-annoying to set up as XP Mode is.   


"Buy Vista 7... it runs XP... well, on some motherboards it might."

This has "disaster" written all over it. Vista v.2.


Microsoft patches first critical bug in Windows 7 beta

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Corp. patched the first critical vulnerability in Windows 7 Tuesday
| as it rolled out an update that fixes three flaws in the new operating
| system's kernel.


Microsoft admits it messed up Windows 7 security

,----[ Quote ]
| Following a week where no less than two security flaws were reported in
| Windows 7 which were officially dismissed and not constituting a
| vulnerability, it seems there has now been a rather huge change of mind at
| Microsoft and a frankly astonishing confession.
| Microsoft has been at the sharp end of the flawed security stick this week,
| and the funny thing is it seems that they both made the stick and have been
| responsible for the continued prodding with it.


Data breach incidents are increasing, study shows

,----[ Quote ]
| My official title may be "analyst," but market research is the part of my job
| that appeals to the geek in me. Good thing I work at ESG, where we do market
| research around information assurance all the time.


Windows 7: Not Quite The Change We Need

,----[ Quote ]
| To fix those deeper-seated ailments, however, Microsoft would have had to put
| in a lot more than two years of work. We might not be able to try out Vista's
| replacement for another year or two--but at that point, we might see a
| dramatically improved operating system that could never be mistaken for a
| Service Pack update to Vista.


Windows 7 Beta Flunks Out Of Georgetown

,----[ Quote ]
| A prestigious Washington, D.C., university has barred students and faculty
| from using the trial version of Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system on
| school computers.
| "Do not install new Microsoft beta release," states a new warning from
| Georgetown University's IT group. "Installing any beta version of software is
| extremely risky," the warning states.


Some Fanboys Don’t Like Windows 7 Either

,----[ Quote ]
| Amazingly, the Windows Supersite of Paul Thurrott is showing some falling out
| of lockstep with Redmond.


Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Windows 7 Edition

,----[ Quote ]
| Windows 7, the much-hyped upcoming version of Windows operating system is now
| in Beta. And though it’s kind of promising based on reading some of the
| positive reviews, one thing is for sure; it will never become the 'awesomest'
| operating system that everyone will love.


Windows 7 Unmasked

,----[ Quote ]
| But after the stage props came down, and after the projectors finally went
| cold, attendees were left with a pre-beta copy of something that looked less
| like a new OS than the repackaging of an old one. At least that was my
| impression after I started exploring the Windows 7 M3 (Milestone 3) bits that
| came on my shiny new 160GB Western Digital USB hard disk (one of the better
| tchotchkes I've received at a conference). As I reported on my Enterprise
| Desktop blog, the more I dug into Windows 7, the more I saw an OS that looked
| and felt like a slightly tweaked version of Windows Vista.
| [...]
| Just what was so new about Microsoft's next Windows, apart from a rejuggled
| UI? Windows 7 appeared to suck memory like Vista, to consume CPU like Vista,
| and to have the same consumer focus. How would this product be received by
| enterprise customers, the vast majority of whom had soundly rejected its
| predecessor? After all, if Vista wasn't good enough for big business, then
| surely a Vista-derived encore would meet with a similarly chilly reception.
| [...]
| Otherwise, Windows 7 operates much like Vista. There are subtle visual tweaks
| here and there, but nothing on the level of the dramatic XP-to-Vista
| transition. Ironically, Vista users may be more annoyed by the UI changes
| than users coming from XP. Because the Windows 7 and Vista Aero experiences
| are so similar, seasoned users of Vista will be more likely to look in the
| wrong places for common functions. By contrast, XP users won't be burdened
| with now-outdated Aero navigation skills.


Windows 7 Fail

,----[ Quote ]
| Windows 7 RC is out today.
| This is great news.
| Because surely by now they've fixed Windows Explorer.
| You see, in Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista, Explorer used to Hide extensions
| for known file types. And virus writers used this "feature" to make people
| mistake executables for stuff such as document files.
| The trick was to rename VIRUS.EXE to VIRUS.TXT.EXE or VIRUS.JPG.EXE, and
| Windows would hide the .EXE part of the filename.

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