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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Breaks Competition Rules Against Linux -- Claim

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Why Aren't Hardware Limits on Netbooks an Anti-Trust Violation?

,----[ Quote ]
| Continuing on today’s theme of asking dumb questions about areas of law I 
| don’t know enough about, here’s a question about anti-trust law, spurred by 
| the news that Administration Plans to Strengthen Antitrust Rules.  
| [...]
| Why isn’t this illegal? Don’t the anti-trust laws prevent a software maker 
| with a dominant position from dictating hardware to pc makers in order to 
| protect the market share of a different product?  


How does the customer gain from this?

The Vista Uncompetition by @elliottkember 



Microsoft: Crippleware for Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| So, your Win7 netbook will have to be fat enough to carry the full bloat of
| Windows 7, but Microsoft will simply block most of it from working. And limit
| you to three applications. If you're like me, you keep your web browser and
| email open constantly, so that really means you can run only one application
| at a time. Did they learn nothing from the "Vista Capable" fiasco?
| Of course, Microsoft wants your netbook experience to be miserable, so they
| can stick you for upgrade fees. It's classic "bait and switch" marketing. You
| buy the netbook in the store because it looks cool and has a low price, get
| it home, and find out it's nearly useless. What are you going to do? Throw it
| away, or shell out another few hundred so that your purchase doesn't become
| an embarassing doorstop?

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