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Re: Gnote 0.3.1

Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> chrisv wrote:
>> Priceless that you would align yourself with such freedom-hating scum
>> as Hadron Quark, a known liar and anti-Linux troll.  Check out some of
>> these quotes:
>By showing me all of these quotes, you have decided to use a
>fallacious construct by attacking not his argument, but attacking the
>man  (an ad-hominem attack).

Why did you accept, without question, Hadron's attack on 'Roy and his

I sought to provide you with history and insight as to the dishonesty
and anti-freedom attitude of this "Hadron" person who trolls cola.
Does not someone talking about "freeloading" FOSS-advocates "stealing"
OSS tell you quite a lot about that person and their attitude toward
FOSS and its advocates?

>The problem with extremists (snip)

I'm not an extremist.  I only want what is fair and right.  One
company seeking to monopolize desktop computing and seeking to control
our data *is not* right.  Having full freedom to choose our OS,
without fear of being "left out in the cold" in regards to software
availability and/or data exchange, *is* right.

Do you agree or disagree that people's data should be held and
transmitted in open-standard formats?  Do you agree or disagree that
the Internet should be as usable to those who are not Microsoft
customers as it is to Microsoft customers?

>Until you continue to see the world as good vs evil or black vs white
>you will never appreciate life as many of us, humanists do.

You presume to know a lot (of negatives) about me, but you give
"Hadron" the benefit of the doubt.  Interesting.

>Our world is packed with color and opportunities.   From where I
>stand, your world seems filled with darkness and hate.   Maybe one day
>you will break free.

I pray that "your world" does not include the likes of "Hadron", who
has advocated, time and time again, control and suppression of freedom
in computing, and who ridicules those who advocate FOSS, while
defending the Microsoft Corp on *every* issue.

"Darkness and hate"?  Stick-around and read "Hadron" if you want to
see "darkness and hate", not to mention a whole lot of *shameless*
lying, used to attack Linux advocates.

>In general, you can spot people that live in this world of hate when
>they use expressions like "Micro$oft" or "Lie-berals".   They have to
>resort to primitive insults because they have been jailed for too long
>between the walls of despair that prevent them from experiencing the
>world and expanding their minds.

I believe it's quite unfair of you to compare the mild disrespect of
"Micro$oft" with the epithet "Lie-berals".

Microsoft hasn't done anything that would justify the minor disrespect
of calling them "Micro$oft"?  

Would it be not be fair to say that Microsoft is the enemy of Free


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