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[News] Faux News on GNU/Linux Desktops

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Tech Q and A: Which PC Should a College Kid Get?

,----[ Quote ]
| Q: I am using Ubuntu 9.04 as my primary OS. The reason I switched is because 
| Windows Vista is so slow. But my question is: Is Linux really a good choice 
| for an OS, or is it just a matter of personal opinion?  
| A: Old Dilbert cartoon: The Unix guy is portrayed as a bearded, 
| coverall-wearing, independent thinker. He tells the title character to go buy 
| a real operating system.  
| Here in the 21st century, Linux is an excellent choice for a primary 
| operating system. It's inexpensive, fast and need not be ashamed by 
| slick-looking graphical user interfaces. I've seen some Linux desktop schemes 
| that knocked my socks off.   
| Most of the popular software titles — Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc. — have 
| their Linux equivalents, so you're not giving up anything in terms of 
| productivity.  


ODF, Net Apps, Netbooks Will Invigorate the OS Landscape

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft dedicated itself to putting Netscape out of business in the 
| nineties precisely because Netscape was dedicated to turning the web browser 
| into the new desktop computing platform, and bringing developers of 
| small-time apps over from developing for Windows to developing for Netscape. 
| A decade later, Microsoft's worst fears have come to pass. With every major 
| software-as-a-service innovation, the underlying operating system becomes 
| less and less central to the computing experience.       



Ubuntu’s Best Hope: Convert the Kids

,----[ Quote ]
| My children have been using Kubuntu for the past three years without any
| complaints, save one. The network administrator forgot to install Flash so
| that Nickjr.com and PBSKids.org would work properly after a fresh install
| awhile back. After I got their games working properly, they have used the
| desktop with great success doing everything they need.

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