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Re: Gnote 0.3.1

On 2009-05-12, Miguel de Icaza <miguel.de.icaza@xxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>> I'm not going to get into all of the technical aspects of the whole
>> thing because I don't claim to be knowledgeable about it all.
> You are not, as your posting shows.
>> I'm personally proactive. I eradicate every library, application or
>> support structure on my system that has the slightest thing to do with
>> MONO. .NET can stay out of my life completely, no matter what name it
>> chooses to call itself.
> More power to you.

Then you either agree that it isn't a case of trying to force anyone in
a particular direction, or you have nothing to counter what I said
concerning your claim of such.

Which begs the question as to why you think someone personally being
*against* something is tantamount to forcing someone else in a
particular direction. That was how you phrased it.

One comparison was the debate about emacs or vi. But in this case it's
not a demand to use one or the other because there are more choices to
be made (nano and pico being two). Rather it's a choice to *not* use a
particular one for whatever reason the person making the argument is
giving. Put another way: use any of them you like, but not this one.

It's not even that drastic. It's more a case of: use anything you want,
but if you use this one don't expect me to use what you write.

For some reason you decided to completely skip that part after you
brought it up yourself. Interesting.

To tackle that aspect I have no need to have full technical knowledge,
nor even a small amount. I only require the means to determine if one
tool or another is right for me, whether one or another program or
library fits my personal needs and/or desires. In this instance I look
at where everything originated, add a touch of historical fact related
to where it originated, toss in a small dose of healthy skepticism and
distrust, and reach the conclusion that MONO is ruled out where I'm
concerned. If you and others like it and want to keep pushing it, have
fun. But I won't silence my personal opposition just because somebody
thinks it's neato.

A computer without Windows is like a fish without a bicycle.

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