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[News] College Used as Apple Pawn by Pushing for iRubbish

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Missouri journalism students required to buy iPhone or iPod touch? 

,----[ Quote ]
| Before you protest that it may seem ridiculous, lavish, or favoring Apple to 
| force students to pick up one of these expensive pieces of hardware, Brian 
| Brooks, associate dean of the journalism school, told the Columbia Missourian 
| that the requirement "will not be enforced, however, and there will not be a 
| penalty for students who chose not to buy an iPod touch or iPhone."    
| So why require it? Brooks said that it'll helps students review recorded 
| lectures, but the real reason for "requiring" the purchase is for the benefit 
| of students on financial aid.  



Liberating iPods in Cambridge

,----[ Quote ]
| During the event, dubbed iRony, users were walked through the
| process of installing flexible and featureful free/open source
| software firmware -- without DRM -- onto their digital audio players.
| [...]
| Organizers set up laptops running Ubuntu GNU/Linux, Mac OS X,
| and Windows XP at the center of the room. iPod users brought
| their players to experienced users, who would determine the
| generation of the iPod and the current partition format, and
| inquire about the user's needs. Together they would decide on
| a firmware (RockBox, iPodLinux, or both) and walk through the
| process of installation. Meanwhile, others looked on to watch
| the process and learn how it was done. RockBox was installed
| on the majority of the iPods with great success.

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