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[News] OSI Elections Coming, New Report Released by Research and Markets

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2009 OSI Board Elections held in April

,----[ Quote ]
| The OSI board's annual nominations and elections were held on April 1, 2009.


Research and Markets: A Fresh Look At Open Source Software - Order Report Now

,----[ Quote ]
| We recently had a fresh look at open source software in Europe with a 
| collection of executives from open source software vendors, service 
| providers, investors and customers. Open source technology is an evolving and 
| critical   
| component of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing. 



The OSI was hijacked

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is where it is today, despite the constant attacks from Microsoft and
| its sycophants, and other proprietary businesses, entirely because it is
| impossible for them to hijack GPL code.
| So, if they can't hijack the GPL they tried the next best thing: surround the
| GPL with licenses which CLAIM to be similar to the GPL but were not. The
| uninformed, walking into the forest of OSI "approved" licenses, stands a
| strong chance of being deceived into believing that a license they might
| choose is "identical" because they heard that the GPL is Open Source and the
| OSI is the "Open Source" Initiative. What their guides through the forest
| lead them away from is the TRUE open source license, the GPL.
| When you acquire an application that is GPL you are guaranteed that:
| 1) You have the same rights over that application as the person or company
| from which you got the application.
| 2) You have the right to obtain the source code of the binary of that
| application which, when compiled, produces an EXACT copy of the binary of the
| application you were given.
| 3) You can modify the source code any way you wish and
| 3a) If you don't share your modified application then you don't have to share
| your changes,
| 3b) If you do share your modified application you MUST give the people
| receiving it the same rights you were given, which includes access to the
| original source and the source code you added.
| 4) If they violate the GPL then they lose ALL rights to distribute the GPL
| portion of the code, but you do not.
| 5) You cannot sign away your GPL rights as part of an agreement to recive a
| GPL application. See #4.
| Why do these PHONY FOSS companies want to lure you away from the GPL with
| PHONY FOSS LICENSES? Simple. If it is not "Bait and Switch" then it's called
| [...]
| SUMMARY: There is only ONE TRUE FOSS License, the GPL. Any other license
| gives the user less freedom and/or less security in knowing that the code
| can't be hijacked they way Microsoft and Apple HIJACKED the BSD and the
| FreeBSD.

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