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Re: Another Microsoft Ally bites the dust

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____/ Rex Ballard on Tuesday 12 May 2009 17:12 : \____

> Got this via e-mail
> <quote><pre>
>  Dear Borland Customer,
> Last week Borland announced it has entered into a definitive agreement
> to be acquired by Micro Focus International plc. This is exciting
> news. After a thorough evaluation of strategic and financial
> alternatives, Borland's leadership team and board of directors are
> confident that this merger is absolutely the right long-term strategy
> for the company and our customers.
> Like Borland, Micro Focus is a well-established technology company
> that has more than 30 years of expertise serving more than 15,000
> customers around the world. Our companies also share a similar
> objective: to help customers maximize the business value of their
> software. Micro Focus has a broad portfolio of products for
> application development, application portfolio management, and
> application modernization. Our respective offerings are highly
> complementary, and Micro Focus has an excellent track record of strong
> financial performance, company growth and delivering outstanding
> customer value.
>  </pre></quote>
> Looks like Borland has finally joined the ranks of so many other
> former Microsoft Allies who bet the farm on Microsoft, and ended up
> being easy aquisition targets because their stock plummeted to almost
> nothing.
> MicroFocus isn't exactly a monster player either.  True, it's 15,000
> customers are mostly larger companies big enough to have mainframes,
> but even this user base isn't exactly huge compared to Java or VB.
> It's sure good to know that the Microsoft monopoly hasn't hurt
> competition in the IT Industry.
> Borland did offer Kylix for Linux until Microsoft slapped them silly
> and issued a bunch of security updates that sent Borland scrambling to
> fix the now damaged code resulting from changes in Microsoft's DLLs.
> Borland cowered and eventually stopped doing much more than
> maintenance.
> MicroFocus does make a really nice Cobol product that is often used
> for prototyping Mainframe applications on Windows workstations.
> I wonder if MicroFocus will bring back TurboProlog, that was a really
> wild product, especially for doing business rules and security rules.
> Maybe they could do Prolog to LDAP?

Add Nortel to this list today. Bankrupt and terrible results reported last

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