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Re: Gnote 0.3.1

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____/ Miguel de Icaza on Tuesday 12 May 2009 04:22 : \____

> Roy said:
>> > Gnote is an experimental port of Tomboy to C++
>> Novell deIcazawill start rallying the troops...
>> "More MONO! Schnell! We need more Mono!!111"
> I disagree Roy. As someone that has embraced multiple languages and
> bridges across multiple languages for years, this is very far from the
> truth.
> People should write code in whatever language they feel like using.
> If folks want Tomboy written in C++ and want to help GNote, more power
> to them.
> But I embrace more than multiple languages.   Trying to force people
> into a single programming language or framework is like trying to
> convert people to your religion.   And I see no point in launching a
> full evangelical effort to spread my particular kind of religion, or
> my set of beliefs.
> I like to see the world as a world of possibilities, something that
> can be tweaked to be improved, polished, iterated upon and something
> that I can have fun doing.   The world of dead-ends and fear is not my
> world.
> There is never going to be an answer to the question what is better vi
> or emacs, perl or python.   There is no binary answer, there are
> millions of elements at play.
> Every software programmer mind is a universe (ok, Roy's mind is more
> like a dirty puddle) and when a programmer writes code, he will assess
> different needs when he writes the code.
> <snip offtopic ramble />


What do you think about the TomTom case? You have never addressed this
question, AFAIK?

Why did you snip the Scoble quote in your reply to me?

Do you think Microsoft wants GNOME (and by extension GNU/Linux) to succeed?

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