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[News] Reasons to Love GNU/Linux Live CD and the Value of Freedom

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Linux Live CDs: Why I love them.

,----[ Quote ]
| So what did we learn? Linux is a very versatile operating system that can run 
| on just about any hardware, with any configuration. Most importantly, GO GET 
| THE LIVE CD. It will save your ass someday and you will be glad that you 
| burned that disc.   


Why I chose GNU/Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The reason GNU/Linux makes sense to me is that I am a big fan of the “Free 
| software” ideal. I like the fact that I can take my software and change it to 
| work for me and that is completely legal. I like that I can freely distribute 
| the code to anyone I want. I also like knowing that there are people who see 
| things the same way are there to protect my rights (FSF). I use GNU/Linux out 
| of a desire to live free and without the threat of someone installing a 
| rootkit or a spy program to make sure I am using it the way the company who 
| made it want me to.       



GNUmed Live CD 0.3.8 released

,----[ Quote ]
| A new GNUmed live CD is out. With the help of this CD one
| can testdrive GNUmed without altering the currently running
| environment such as operating system. No installation
| neccessary.


Sugar on a Stick

,----[ Quote ]
| Sugar Labs offers ubiquitous access to Sugar in a USB (Universal Serial Bus)
| flash memory drive (stick). The Sugar on a Stick project (still in Beta)
| gives children access to their Sugar on any computer in their environment
| with just a USB memory stick. Taking advantage of the Fedora LiveUSB, it's
| possible to store everything you need to run Sugar on a single USB memory
| stick (minimum size 1GB). This small USB device can boot into the Sugar
| learning platform on different computers at home, at school, or at an after
| school program, bypassing the software on the those computers. In fact, Sugar
| on a Stick will work even if the computer does not have a hard-drive. With
| Sugar on a Stick, the learning experience is the same on any computer: at
| school, at home, at the library, or an after-school center.

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