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Re: Dedication to Linux

On Mon, 11 May 2009 14:11:35 +0100, above the shrieking, FUDding & whining
of the trolls Andrew Halliwell was heard to say:

> Hadron <hadronquark@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Roy is a paranoid liar who is out to earn income from site hist from
>> easily led fools like yourself. Almost nothing he "reports" can be
>> trusted as he is biased and hate filled. Simple as that.
> He's not paranoid.
> You really ARE out to get 'im. 
> (you being a general you meaning you and your ilk.)

"Biased & and hate filled", huh.  Oh, the irony...

Linux as a desktop OS is pretty much doomed it would appear. 
Too little too late. 
Hadron - Message-ID: <fnd3jj$or8$2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

So you think it's tougher for Free (as in beer) SW to replace MS SW? It
doesn't replace the MS stuff generally because the "free" application SW
is piss poor in relation to the purchased versions.
Hadron - Message-ID: <osbn15-4ce.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Linux: "looks quite amateurish"
 If you ignore the reading of "amateurish" as "crap" one would hope
it does look like the work of amateurs since they are indeed amateurs
most of the time.
Hadron Quack - Tue, 18 Nov 2008 - COLA

The great majority of Windows application SW 
is eons better than it's OSS copy or alternative.
Hadron: Message-ID: <fkga6j$ure$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Anyone who says Open Office is as
good as MS Office is living in denial.
Hadron Quark - Message-ID: <87wsxqrjmz.fsf@xxxxxxxxx>

It IS because of him and two other useless people in particular
(CBFalconer and Harold "old school" Stevens (probably both Willy nyms)
that I started to drift from the Ubuntu fan boy zone.
Hadron - Message-ID: <gdl55d$lc2$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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