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Re: Dedication to Linux

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garymarkstewart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Who is the most dedicated person promoting the adoption of Linux in
> this newsgroup?
> It's no other than Roy Schestowitz.
> He tirelessly post to this newsgroup daily including Bank Holidays and
> even Christmas day with an average about 60-80 posts everyday.
> Does anyone  really appreciate how Roy has helped to promote and
> encourage people to change to Linux and  try Free Software.
>  No one has spent more time looking,thinking and showing everyone the
> latest Linux news.
> Keep on posting Roy some of us really enjoy reading your posts.
>                                           Gary

I too tend to find many of Roys posts to be worthwhile. I've seen a lot
of the Windows fanboys bitch about his postings, but this is, after all,
a Linux advocacy group. Why they're even here, other that to stir up
shit, is a mystery to me.

I've never hung out in the Windows advocacy group, but I wonder if the
Linux fanboys post crap over there like the Windows fanboys do over here.

Keep up the good work, Roy.

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