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[News] Journalism 'Open Sourced' (Decentralised)

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Media Vacuums Will Be Filled

,----[ Quote ]
| Because the new breed of publisher - the ones doing it for pure passion, at 
| virtually no cost - will and up wounding us where we're weakest. Because 
| we've neglected parts of our audience, pandered to our own prejudices and 
| missed opportunities.   


Endless Possibilities: Norm Walsh on the Changing Nature of Publishing


Google has helped blogs replace big 'news sites'.

[Google] The 2008 Founders' Letter

,----[ Quote ]
| Given the tremendous pace of technology, it is impossible to predict far into 
| the future. However, I think the past decade tells us some things to expect 
| in the next. Computers will be 100 times faster still and storage will be 100 
| times cheaper. Many of the problems that we call artificial intelligence 
| today will become accepted as standard computational capabilities, including 
| image processing, speech recognition, and natural language processing. New 
| and amazing computational capabilities will be born that we cannot even 
| imagine today.       



Careers In Linux Journalism-- No Knowledge Required!

,----[ Quote ]
| My current favorite horrid example is Dana Blankenhorn's famous "someone
| please send a Linux laptop" column, written in July 2008:
|     "I have written about, and been written to about, Linux laptops for some
|     time. Now is a good time to take the plunge. So I am asking for a review
|     unit. "
| How can one craft any sort of response other than WTF??! But let us not be
| hasty. The Internet is already full of hasty, kneejerk flamers and uninformed
| pontificators, and we do not want to be like them. Perhaps there is more to
| this story, so let us make use of the very secret weapon that nobody in tech
| journalism knows about: Google. I've been reading Mr. Blankenhorn's column
| for some years, and between my cluttered old memory and Google I do not find
| any indication that he had ever actually touched a Linux PC until September
| 2008:
|     "My first Linux laptop is the ASUS EeePC."
| Be still my heart.
| Preston Gralla, famous Windows author, wrote a good article about his first
| serious Linux experience Living free with Linux: 2 weeks without Windows. But
| again, WTF??! Another technology writer who has been writing about Linux for
| years without knowing anything about it:
|     "Now, I recognize that a few hours of using desktop Linux isn’t a true
|     test drive. But if you want someone to throw over their habits of a more
|     than a dozen years, you’ve got to wow them right away. And Linux didn’t
|     do that for me."
| Like, heavy, man. This doesn't even rise to piffle-- it's piffle lite.

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