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[News] More Projects See the Light and Become Free Software

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ICEpdf PDF rendering engine now open source

,----[ Quote ]
| ICEsoft is the developer of ICEfaces, a J2EE/Ajax framework for developing 
| thin client and rich client applications. It is also known for its ICEbrowser 
| HTML rendering component, which has recently, and quietly, been removed from 
| sale and an end of life date of December 31st 2010 has been set for existing 
| customers.     


We’ve made a few changes!

,----[ Quote ]
| Gitorious now is a project maintained by Shortcut AS, which I co-founded. 
| Shortcut AS now officially supports and develops Gitorious in cooperation 
| with contributors outside Shortcut. Gitorious is, and will continue to be, 
| 100% free software, licensed under the Affero GPL.   



AGPL: Open Source Licensing in a Networked Age

,----[ Quote ]
| It’s tempting, then, to ask what problem is being solved by the Affero GPL.
| But that would be facetious, and would serve to trivialize what could be a
| real problem for some projects. Projects that are considerably less visible
| than Linux or MySQL, for example, might require the protection that the AGPL
| affords. For them, closing the loophole might seem like a life or death
| matter. The difficulty will be in determining which the license will
| guarantee: even as AGPL licensed protects are protected from those that would
| use them without contributing, it also represents an insurmountable barrier
| to entry for some potential players.
| I’m glad then that the Affero GPL is an option, but I’m with Mark Radcliffe:
| I wouldn’t look for it to compete with the GPL any time soon.

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