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Re: [News] Cross-Platform Application (XBMC) Offers Parity to GNU/Linux

Hadron wrote:
Matt <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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Impressive: The new XBMC Media Center
,----[ Quote ]
| Version 9.04 of the multi-platform XBMC Media Center is released. Codenamed | Babylon, the software comes with massive and in part, impressive changes. `----


Offhand I would say that XBMC is taking a poor approach to cross-platform development, since the Linux version's graphics and GUI generation are separate from the Windows version's. I would guess the Linux-side developers are going to be playing catchup to the Windows side. However, the Linux developers are using SDL and OpenGL, which are cross-platform, while the Windows side seems to be using MS-only tools.

There could be an unusual kind of fork wherein all or part of the Linux side splits off and becomes a cross-platform project that does things right---abstracts away most OS differences by using cross-platform tools where possible---while the Windows side reverts to Windows-only development or hobbles along as a cross-platform project that uses the

This is often the case in the real world. The design is fine, then the
boss sees it, fires a few techs and demands the product to be fully
win32/windows desktop compliant. You stick something like a KDE app
there and there's bloodshed.

Iceweasel proves it can be done however.

I don't see how Iceweasel/Icecat events match the fork scenario I described.

At first glance the Iceweasel events seem related mainly to trademarks and licensing.

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