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[News] Switzerland Wants to Criminalise Hackers (Not Crackers)

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An attempt at forbidding «hacker tools» in Switzerland

,----[ Quote ]
| The Federal Department of Justice and Police recently proposed to introduce 
| legislation illegalizing so-called «hacker tools» in Switzerland as well. 
| However, the proposed paragraph deviates massively from the original European 
| cybercrime convention which it attempts to implement. Consequently, the 
| legislation would not only outlaw «hacker tools» which can be used only by 
| evildoers breaking into other people’s machines without permission, but in 
| fact any type of tool used to test or ensure system security (such as Nessus, 
| Metasploit, or even simple administrative tools used for network debugging, 
| such as tcpdump, snoop or wireshark).        



Why protesters are now stalkers

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the most heartbreaking articles I have ever read was a response column
| published recently in the Guardian. Edward Countryman explained that he was
| writing on behalf of his wife, Evonne Powell-Von Heussen, "who could not bear
| to face" the unintended consequences of the thing she had created.


Filming an illegal event is… illegal?

,----[ Quote ]
| Will recording or filming of events which are considered illegal in law now
| itself be considered illegal? This is what the Home Affairs Ministry seems to
| propose to amendments of the Films Act.


UK Citizens Worked Up About Broad And Vague Obscenity Law

,----[ Quote ]
| I have to admit that I've never quite understood the point of any sort of
| obscenity laws. Perhaps it's just my inner-libertarian, but why should the
| government be outlawing what people look at -- especially when it comes to
| such a subjective standard as "obscenity." Over in the UK, many people are up
| in arms over a new pornography law that is so broad and so vague that it
| could outlaw certain Batman comics, among other things.


Defining the Limits of Digital Britain

,----[ Quote ]
| Most importantly, beyond vague talk of “changing the rules” it says little
| about redefining *precisely* what people should be allowed to do with that
| stuff freely – for example, by setting down in law new fair uses such as
| being able to take back-up copies of any digital content, use in quotations,
| parody etc.
| At the moment, most people ignore the letter of the law, because the law is
| totally outdated, and the law generally turns a blind eye to them doing it,
| because it would be hard to arrest most of the country's youth, but that's
| hardly a solution in the long term.

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