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[News] Dell + Android (Delldroid) for GNU/Linux Domination?

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Bsquare Announces Flash for Dell’s Android-Powered Netbook– Wha???

,----[ Quote ]
| Fresh off the news that HTC and T-Mobile may be working on a Google Android 
| netbook, Bsquare (a software solutions provider for embedded devices) tossed 
| its hat into the ring with a rather bold announcement: It’s porting Adobe 
| Flash Lite 3.17 onto Dell netbooks powered by the Android platform. That’s 
| right, Android on a Dell netbook.    


Dell Studies Google's Android for Future Products

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell Inc. is studying Google Inc.'s Android operating system for possible use 
| in future products, people familiar with the situation said. 



Microsoft Admits Windows 7 Is Not really Suitable for Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| By extending the availability of Windows XP until October 2010, it admits
| that Windows 7 on a netbook doesn’t really cut the mustard, and at the same
| time that the company has nothing to replace XP for that platform yet. It
| means that the lowliest version of Windows 7 is not a winner, and still gets
| beaten by Windows XP. ( Of course, they also want to take a huge swipe at
| Linux, all flavors – the availability of XP at bargain basement prices is
| going to make many think twice about ordering a netbook with any Linux
| distribution on it).


Windows 7 leaves netbook market open for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's newest operating system Windows 7 will leave much of the
| burgeoning netbook market open for Linux because of its relatively large
| footprint. This was confirmed to iTWire by a local Microsoft executive today,
| although she did not spell it out in those words.

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