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[News] Linux/Android Phones Spread and Get Upgraded

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Leaked Image of G3 aka HTC Hero Surfaced

,----[ Quote ]
| An anonymous reader sent us these photos of the G3, aka as the HTC Hero, that 
| will be released probably in Q3 this year. 


HTC Smartphones with Google Android Heading North to Canada

,----[ Quote ]
| The Google Android operating system will make an appearance on smartphones 
| launched in Canada in summer 2009, according to Rogers Wireless, one of the 
| largest wireless carriers in Canada. Rogers plans to release the HTC Dream 
| smartphone and the HTC Magic smartphone, both of which use the Linux-based 
| Android operating system, in the coming months.    


Cupcake party: Android 1.5 update coming to T-Mobile G1 owners next week

,----[ Quote ]
| Finally, the moment all T-Mobile G1 owners have been waiting for! T-Mobile 
| announced on Wednesday that it will start rolling out the official Android 
| 1.5 (aka "Cupcake") update to G1 users starting at the end of next week. The 
| update will be delivered over the air in random batches over the next several 
| weeks, and T-Mobile expects to reach all G1 customers by the end of May.     



Android 1.5 Released

,----[ Quote ]
| The first major update for Google's Android platform, based on the Cupcake
| development tree, was released today in source form at the project's git
| repository. Now it's up to the OEMs and carriers to deploy it, and the
| community to port it to other platforms. Dig in for a list of new features.


Google Brings Product Search To iPhone, Android

,----[ Quote ]
| The simultaneous launch on Android and iPhone could signal a shift in
| Google's mobile strategy, as it previously released new mobile features on
| Apple's handset first. The Linux-based operating system is expected to be on
| a slate of new handsets this year, and Google expects 2009 to be a good year
| for the mobile operating system.


Android-based PMP to ship in October

,----[ Quote ]
| GiiNii will ship its Android-based portable media player (PMP) and digital
| picture frame (DPF) in October and January, respectively, according to a
| spokesperson. The Movit Mini portable and larger Movit Maxx DPF include
| touchscreens, WiFi, a webcam, and optional Bluetooth, says the company.

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