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[News] Linux Game Publishing Offers Special Discounts

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LGP Prepares For Massive 24-Hour Linux Sale

,----[ Quote ]
| Our friends at Linux Game Publishing are preparing for a massive 24-hour sale 
| with their web-store of games they have ported to Linux. This sale begins at 
| midnight (UK time) and during that time each game will be priced at just 9 
| pounds! For the Americans, that is about $13~14 USD per native Linux title.    


Linux Game Publishing Sale



LGP To Start Work On Another Game

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux Game Publishing is still in the middle of porting X3: Reunion and
| Bandits: Phoenix Rising to Linux, but they soon will be starting work on
| another title. This game coming to Linux, however, still isn't known. At the
| LGP website they will be showing one pixel of an image every second until the
| entire image has loaded. Once all pixels (or most of them) have been loaded,
| the forthcoming title will be know.


Shadowgrounds Survivor Coming to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Frozenbyte has announced an agreement with Linux specialist company IGIOS Ltd
| to port "Shadowgrounds Survivor" to Linux.  



New Loki Games Repository Emerges

,----[ Quote
| The folks over at Tux Games have opened up a repository containing a
| collection of old software titles ported by Loki Games.  


Open Source Gaming Review: Linux Gamers Live DVD 0.9.2

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall I like this live dvd of popular free Linux games and I wish the
| absolute best to the developers of the Linux-Gamers.net Live DVD and I want
| to encourage them to continue their work. It?s very, very much appreciated.
| While it?s still got some growing to do, and some bugs to iron out, it really
| has been a very enjoyable distribution to experiment with. I especially like
| the idea that I can take it with me anywhere I go and play some of my
| favorite Linux games, even if the system I?m playing it on doesn?t have
| Linux.      

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