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[News] European Authorities Play into Hands of Hollywood MAFIAA (Again)

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E.U. to Hear Proposal for Cross-Border Net Copyright 

,----[ Quote ]
| Two European commissioners are proposing the creation of a Europewide 
| copyright license for online content that could clear the way for 
| cross-border sales of digital music, games and video — and lower prices for 
| consumers.   
| The plan, to be offered Tuesday by Viviane Reding, the European 
| telecommunications and media commissioner, and Meglena Kuneva, the consumer 
| affairs commissioner of the bloc, would allow consumers to shop online for 
| media from any retailer in the 27-nation European Union.   


EU: UK needs "private copying" copyright exemption

,----[ Quote ]
| Even as it launches the punningly-titled eYouGuide for online rights, the 
| European Commission wants to do more than just explain how confusing it is to 
| answer the question "Is CD ripping legal in Europe?" It wants to go further, 
| harmonizing "private copying" laws across the European Union. (Which means 
| that the UK would actually need to have such a law.)    


Fines for IP infringement will increase tenfold

,----[ Quote ]
| The Government plans a tenfold increase in the penalties for criminal 
| breaches of intellectual property law. Infringement of IP laws will be 
| punishable by fines of up to £50,000 rather than the current £5,000, 
| according to Government plans.   



RIAA’s Hostile Takeover of the Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| Until recently, the recording industry were committing publicity suicide by
| routinely issuing legal threats to file sharers. Now, they seem to have
| changed the routine, going for fewer, but bigger targets. The goal is clear:
| if you own the Internet, you don’t have to worry about pirates — or anyone
| else.

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