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[News] Microsoft Munchkins, Obama Wants YOU ... ... in PRISON

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Congressional Rep Wants To Put Internet Trolls In Jail

,----[ Quote ]
| That particular case was distorted by a few issues, involving the fact that 
| Lori was an adult while Meghan was a child. If the MySpace friend "Josh" had 
| been a real teen, would the same outrage have happened? I had a friend in 
| high school kill himself after his girlfriend dumped him. Should she have 
| been charged with a crime?     




US P2P bill aims shackles at browsers, IM

,----[ Quote ]
| Technology lobbying groups have pounced on proposed US legislation designed 
| to prevent the accidental sharing of sensitive files over peer-to-peer 
| networks, saying it is so broad that web browsers and even entire operating 
| systems would also be covered.   
| The Informed P2P User Act would require makers of file-sharing software to 
| add prominent warnings that files can be shared and require users to give 
| their consent by clicking a button. The notice would appear once when the 
| application is being installed and again when it it is first run.   


P2P bill could regulate Web browsers, FTP clients

,----[ Quote ]
| The U.S. House of Representatives has scheduled a hearing Tuesday to examine 
| a bill that would force peer-to-peer applications to provide specific notice 
| to consumers that their files might be shared.   


- From Cell to Sell: Police Recruit Activists as Spies

,----[ Quote ]
| In Scotland, police have been offering environmentalists money in return for 
| information about activist groups. 



Web critic angers Orlando Police Chief Val Demings

,----[ Quote ]
| Orlando police Chief Val Demings is threatening to sue one of her critics for
| creating a Web site that criticizes her performance.


Of Blacklists and Barbra Streisand

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course, the classic Streisand effect applied to blacklists: as soon as you
| create one, everyone wants to know whats on it, and some will manage to do so
| despite the blacklists - thus ensuring that those sites will get far more
| traffic than if no blacklist had been created.


Banned hyperlinks could cost you $11,000 a day

,----[ Quote ]
| ACMA’s blacklist does not have a significant impact on web browsing by
| Australians today but sites contained on it will be blocked for everyone if
| the Federal Government implements its mandatory internet filtering censorship
| scheme.


Australia's Web blacklist leaked


Google soon to be banned in Australia under draconian censorship laws

,----[ Quote ]
| Recent action by the Australian Government may see Google and many other
| popular websites banned in Australia under existing censorship laws.


The Net is Under Threat

,----[ Quote ]
| Community advocacy group GetUp is running a new campaign against Australian
| Federal Government plans to censor what we view on the internet. The ‘Save
| the Net’ campaign is gaining momentum, with over 55,000 Australians having
| already signed a petition to Communications Minister Senator Conroy voicing
| their outrage over the Government’s ill-considered ideas.


Even child welfare groups don’t want web censorship

,----[ Quote ]
| THE AUSSIE government's plans to build a Great Internet Rabbit Proof Fence
| are floundering with even kiddie welfare groups saying it is a jolly bad
| idea.
| The Aussie government thought that it would protect children by mimicking the
| censorship antics of Communist China but, much to its surprise, has found
| that the idea is a wee bit unpopular.


Aussie government muffs plans for internet filtering

,----[ Quote ]
| Her view is that censorship of sexual material is more often than not
| followed by broader political censorship. The censorship tide in Australia
| today is coming in, and while many individuals may not get terribly excited
| about the censorship of what is generally regarded as smut, proposals by the
| Rudd Government to censor the internet through compulsory filtering feel very
| much like the thin end of the wedge.


Is the Internet going down down under?

,----[ Quote ]
| The battle is now on for the soul of the Australian internet. The outcome
| could have enormous repercussions for the future of the internet in the UK.
| Regular readers will be aware of the Australian Government’s plans to clamp
| down on the internet down under. These, the brainchild of Communications
| Minister Stephen Conroy, have been bubbling away since last year, and began,
| as so many half-baked government schemes do, with the plea that
| someone "think of the children".
| The scheme would put in place a server-level content filtering system, to
| block material unsuitable for children. The cat was put well and truly
| amongst the pigeons with the recent claim by Internode network engineer Mark
| Newton that there will be no opt-out from filtering for parents.

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