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[News] Free Software is Taking Over Business, Cyber Security

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Battle for Ant Hill

,----[ Quote ]
| The Free Software industry is spearheading the concept. Here a 14 year old 
| wizkid can have real impact on enterprise grade software. As long as she can 
| program quality code, her contributions are included in heavy weight products 
| like Voice over IP or webserver solutions. Scary? Sure - for the Old School 
| thinkers and doubters. Opportunities? You bet - for the ant hill innovation.    
| Make no mistake, the Free Software industry is a booming industry making 
| headlines every day. It is reshaping the IT world, showing the power of 
| individual contributions.  


Open Source Cyber Security

,----[ Quote ]
| And Beckstrom wants these upgrades to be largely open source, available to 
| the public community of programmers and thinkers. It's safe to say that any  
| cyber security program defined as a counter-intelligence / 
| counter-terrorism / counter-espionage effort would be wrapped up in all sorts 
| of classified ropes.   



The open-source mandates are coming

,----[ Quote ]
| Next phase? We're already there, too. It's called open source, and it forces
| software vendors to provide ongoing value to justify CIOs spending money with
| them. Red Hat has led this shift, but it's a movement that is accelerating as
| open source permeates all areas of the software stack, from applications like
| Openbravo (ERP) and MindTouch (collaboration) to core infrastructure like
| Lucid Imagination (search) and MySQL (database).


Canadian government eyes open source, asks for feedback

,----[ Quote ]
| The Canadian government is looking to shave costs wherever it can and is now
| eyeing open source software as one way to accomplish that goal.

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