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[News] Dell Claimed to be Stepping Deeper in GNU/Linux Sub-notebooks

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Dell preparing an Android netbook?

,----[ Quote ]
| One of Dell's technology partners has dropped a clanger by stating in a press 
| release that it's porting Flash Lite onto Dell netbooks for use with Android, 
| reports The Register today.  


Netbook gains: win or loss for Microsoft?

,----[ Quote ]
| Given all these factors, is it really beneficial to Microsoft to keep 
| providing copies of Windows XP at less than cost in order to gain marketshare 
| in the netbook space? I have my doubts. But then did the company have any 
| choice but to try and corner the market when Linux showed that it would eat 
| up anything that wasn't carefully guarded?    
| This may be one reason why the company is hinting that it is unlikely to make 
| a separate version of Windows 7 for netbooks. And one can't really argue with 
| the logic behind it: does one really need sales that bring in no profit?  



Why Linux Will Crush Windows 7 on Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux versions of netbooks are already doing quite well and if Microsoft
| shoots itself in the foot by crippling its OS, the question becomes less
| about choosing between Windows and Linux and more about choosing between
| crippled and “just works.”


Hands on: Running Windows 7 on a netbook

,----[ Quote ]
| Performance wasn't the only problem I came across. For example, I was unable
| to perform two network-related tasks at once. For example, if I copied a file
| from a network server or watched a YouTube video, life was fine. But if I
| tried to do both things at once, I ended up with a frozen system.
| [...]
| I experienced several difficulties running popular applications on the Dell
| Mini 9. Windows 7's built-in applications, such as Media Center, felt slow to
| respond. Other apps behaved sluggishly as well. For example, Microsoft Word
| 2003 took 27 seconds to launch on the Mini 9; it took only 11 seconds on the
| HP EliteBook 2530p.
| Some problems, such as abrupt slowdowns when trying to run Microsoft Office
| 2003, Office 2007 and Quicken 2008, were clearly caused by memory problems.
| There simply wasn't enough RAM to run them effectively. When I tried to run
| two or more major applications at the same time, the performance dropped from
| merely miserable to "Is this thing still on?"
| [...]
| If you must have Windows on a netbook, XP Home SP3 is still the better choice
| over Windows 7 -- at least, for now. And, even though Microsoft is doing its
| best to kill off XP, it looks like the PC makers aren't going to let
| Microsoft put XP out to pasture after all.

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