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[News] Xfce Comparison on Different Major Distributions

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Xfce in Ubuntu/Xubuntu and Debian(/Slackware/fill in the blank)

,----[ Quote ]
| The real endnote: The preceding few paragraphs attempted to explain why I'm 
| uncomfortable with the standard distro review, both as a writer and a reader. 
| I hope I got the point across at least a little. When you see one of these 
| reviews, you'll know it. Not that there's no value in rolling a new 
| Ubuntu/Fedora/Mandriva/Slackware/etc. distribution onto a box and writing 
| about what's different/better/worse. If the writer has been running a given 
| distro/project all along, I tend to take more notice even of a quickie 
| review. But if you run, let's say Slackware, throw the latest Ubuntu on your 
| box and talk all about how Ubuntu is different from Slackware and how 
| everything's in the wrong place, and you do this a few hours after the 
| installation, that I feel is usually of very little value.          



Xfce 4.6.1 Released

,----[ Quote ]
| Thanks to all the people who have been using xfce 4.6 and took the time and
| effort to submit bugreports for stuff that wasn't quite working the way it is
| supposed to. We have been able to fix several issues during the past few
| weeks.


Debian 5.0 XFCE At A Glance

,----[ Quote ]
| You can't beat Debian for simplicity, ease of updating, ease of upgrading,
| small footprint, support for the latest hardware, and for being one of the
| most popular distributions in the world.

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