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[News] GNU/Linux Will Kick Windows on the Desktop Too: 10 Reasons

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10 reasons why Linux will oust Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite the positive buzz generated by Windows 7, it is only a matter of time 
| before Linux takes its rightful place at the top of the operating-system 
| pile.  
| Microsoft's failings are finally catching up with it and will cause the 
| once-unstoppable juggernaut to cede to Linux. A key event was September 14, 
| 2000, when Microsoft set a tiny snowball rolling with the release of the 
| deeply flawed Windows Me. That snowball has been gaining momentum, despite 
| some ups and downs along the way--XP was an up, for example.    


Linux - Dealing with the reality

,----[ Quote ]
| Same goes of "joy of computing. It's not about showing off, or speed, or 
| stability. It's PC, personal computer. It's mine. It took me a month to put 
| everything together, and it sort of works. However, you know what, I love it. 
| It's mine. I can sometimes even feel its working for me, restlessly overcomes 
| any mistakes I made along the way. It's personal. If I don't like such and 
| such component, well, dead with that. I will switch. I hand-pick the part 
| that I trust and love. My fingerprint is all over the place: it's my personal 
| computer.       
| Can Windows ever achieve that? Can Macintosh can ever achieve that? Windows 
| Vista is flashy alright, professional alright, but it's someone else, it's  
| something I bought, not built. It's just impersonal, cold, and fake at best 
| (cruel at worst, if you are talking about the EULA).  



A question about Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The second part of his question was whether the role he sees Linux playing in
| the deaths of HP-UX, AIX, and Solaris makes choosing Linux counter-productive
| in the longer term. The answer to that, I think, is No - because Linux isn’t
| killing any other Unix; it’s giving people who want to move to x86 a better,
| and often cheaper, alternative to Windows.


Five good reasons to switch to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| 4. Freedom. From the beginning Linux has been about freedom. This freedom is
| all about the user and the freedom from software that offers no opportunity
| for the user to change the way the software behaves. Recently the Linux
| Foundation held a contest for a “We’re Linux” video. The winning entry
| elegantly explains what software freedom is all about. See the video here.
| Freedom is one of the main reasons why I use Linux. When a piece of software
| doesn’t behave in exactly the manner I want it to behave I change it. Open
| source allows me to do that. Try altering the behavior of a piece of Windows
| software (outside of the preferences window). The old Microsoft
| question “Where do you want to go today?” With Linux that question would
| be “Where do you want to go, how do you want to get there, do you want the
| scenic route, do you want a specific map for your trip (or do you want to
| wing it), and do you prefer first class or coach?”


Why I love Unix

,----[ Quote ]
| Windows apologists sometimes like to paint Unix as a dying dinosaur. That
| just shows their ignorance: if anything, Windows is the dinosaur in danger of
| being wiped out by Macs and Linux. While I might have put a lot more money in
| my bank accounts had I walked the Windows path, I'm glad that I didn't. I
| LIKE Unix. There's still nothing for me to like about Windows.

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