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[News] SCO is Dead (Pretty Much)

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U.S. Trustee Moves to Convert SCO Bankruptcy to Chapter 7 - Updated

,----[ Quote ]
| Here it is, the moment many of you have been waiting for: the U.S. Trustee's 
| office, through its counsel Joseph J. McMahon, Jr., has filed a motion in the 
| SCO bankruptcy proceeding to convert the SCO's Chapter 11 to Chapter 7. And I 
| think this will be your favorite sentence:   
|     Additionally, not only is there no reasonable chance of "rehabilitation" 
|     in these cases, the Debtors have tried — and failed — to liquidate their 
|     business in chapter 11.  
| So what's left? Dismissal or, more logically, Chapter 7. SCO's been in 
| Chapter 11 as long as it's supposed to be, and it's tried three times to 
| figure out a "rehabilitation" plan, and nothing panned out. Meanwhile, SCO 
| reports a net negative cash flow of more than $3.5 million in its March 2009 
| report. $3.5 million since the bankruptcy was first filed in September 2007, 
| and that represents cause to switch to Chapter 7, the Trustee's Office 
| argues, due to "substantial or continuing loss to or diminution of the estate 
| and the absence of a reasonable likelihood of rehabilitation." That's $3.5 
| million that could have been paid to Novell.        
| I never expected SCO to be rehabilitated. Oh. Different definition. The 
| Trustee's Office means "to put back in good condition; re-establish on a 
| sound, firm basis." I mean to admit it was wrong, turn around and sin no 
| more. Like *that* will ever happen.   



Maureen O'Gara Disparages Judge Dale Kimball's Ruling

,----[ Quote ]
| Maureen O'Gara, that intrepid American technology [sic] journalist [sic],
| took a swipe at Judge Kimball's ruling in SCO v. Novell. And she did it
| behind the ".NETDJ News Desk" byline on the cutting edge Sys-Con website,
| Open Source version. (If you want the entire article, Google for it. I refuse
| to provide a link.
| [...]
| And you thought Maureen had been banned from Sys-Con, didn't you?


Dan Lyons gets obsessed

,----[ Quote ]
| If you read Dan Lyon's blog, 100% of it in recent time has been
| snippy comments directed to Groklaw and other Open Source entitities.


Where'd They [Microsoft and its ilk] Get That? - Part One

,----[ Quote ]
| Is that not a wonder? She [O'Gara] tells us what is in a sealed
| document, that it is about some privileged IBM email. Privileged
| means that the public isn't supposed to learn about it. So does
| sealed. If you go to the court, they are not supposed to give you
| that info, so the logical source would be one of the parties. I
| think we may safely assume it wasn't IBM, and it would be improper
| for SCO to release it.


Groklaw's Jones Confident Amid SCO Deposition Summons

,----[ Quote ]
| A bit of personal viewpoint, if I may: Throughout this case, a number
| of parties and even some individuals in the press, with the
| noteworthy exception of Pamela Jones, have tried to make this story
| about themselves. It's as if Groklaw managed to prove that one
| individual can indeed be influential, but they can't seem to
| re-create the formula to build a similar platform for themselves.
| There's also perhaps a bit of envy on the part of some observers
| that a following of thousands can be assembled around an
| essentially anonymous writer who wishes to maintain her anonymity,
| and who has aptly demonstrated her legal right to do so.

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