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[News] Net Applications' Bull About GNU/Linux Shredded to Pieces FOUR Times

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1% Linux Market Share = 100% Dishonesty

,----[ Quote ]
| Why do we wacky religious Linux zealot hippies get so mad? Just because the 
| bulk of tech news reporting is so inaccurate and lazy? Why should anyone get  
| upset at untrustworthy news reporting? (Don't make me insert sarcasm tags.) 
| It doesn't much matter if they're slaves of Sauron or incompetent, because 
| the results look the same. Cry me a river over the "death of journalism", if 
| it can't be bothered to even try for honesty it deserves to die.     


How many desktop Linux users? 

,----[ Quote ]
| Web site surveys are all well and good, but they only tell part of the story. 
| And, as the numbers I cite above shows, Web site numbers show an enormous 
| range. Some of that may represent bias. The Boycott Novell Web site, for 
| example, recently proclaims that Net Applications' operating system numbers 
| are a "Big Lie" and pointed out that Microsoft was one of Net Applications' 
| biggest customers. My own site focuses a lot on Linux, so it's no surprise 
| that I have a high percentage of Linux-using visitors.      


Linux at 1 percent?! Ha! It's more like 45 percent

,----[ Quote ]
| Looking into the future just a little, it's easy to see how the Linux desktop 
| number will shift dramatically between now and 2011.  
| Here are two reasons:
| 1) Fast boot silicon. 
|     Many notebook vendors and motherboard makers in general, are now 
|     including fast boot options which typically are Linux operating systems 
|     with browser capabilities. These systems are not just netbooks but high 
|     end desktop boards as well.   
|     Certainly, I would expect that many of these fast boot machines will end 
|     up being dual boot machines, but they will increase desktop Linux 
|     penetration significantly. In fact if the fast boot silicon becomes a 
|     default feature (and it sure is looking that way), Linux quite literally 
|     will be embedded - not installed - on nearly every new computer system 
|     motherboard.     


Linux Desktop Market Share: Greater Than One Percent?

,----[ Quote ]
| Without NetApplications's raw data, its sources of bias are impossible to 
| discover. However, I would guess that GNU/Linux users would be more likely to 
| choose free software website applications than NetApplications's, or perhaps 
| a free online service such as Google Analytics.   
| In addition, NetApplications is an American company, and its website lists no 
| overseas office. For these reasons, I would assume that its figures are drawn 
| largely from the United States and perhaps Canada, and less so from the rest 
| of the world.   
| Given that the United States was only ranked ninth in open source activity in 
| the Open Source Index recently published by Red Hat and Georgia Tech (and 
| Canada twenty-eighth), such a bias would seriously question the general 
| applicability of the NetApplications figures.    



Why is Net Applications (Hitslink) changing its browser stats after publishing

,----[ Quote ]
| I was curious to see how the uptake of Google's Chrome browser would be,
| considering that they were promoting it on their front page. I looked it up
| on a special page set up by Net Applications to track Chrome usage before I
| left for work. It seemed to do pretty well, as it climbed above 1%, passing
| Opera's alleged market share. Not really surprising considering the massive
| media coverage it was getting.
| When I got back later and reloaded the page, I noticed that it had gone down
| to 0.5% or so the last few hours. I still left the page open, and returned a
| little later. To my surprise, the page was no longer showing the same numbers
| for the same time. It's as if it had never shown 0.5%.



Net Applications: "Our Partners/Clients include Microsoft, Apple, Amazon/Alexa,
Opera and ExactTarget. And, we're looking to grow that base as well as enhance
our contact and communications with our existing base."
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