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[News] Red Hat Attacks Software Patents in Europe

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Red Hat Makes its Position Patent

,----[ Quote ]
| My reasoning was that this was an extremely technical consideration of the 
| issue of software patents, and that the people pondering the matter would not 
| be interested in vague philosophical waffle about why software patents were a 
| bad thing. They would be looking for keenly-argued, legalistic comments of 
| the kind I was manifestly unable to provide.    
| Instead, I thought it better to leave this one to those better able to obtain 
| some heavy legal advice on what should be written, and how. 


Steve Stites - Subject: Thank You ( May 5, 2009, 19:43:29 )

,----[ Quote ]
| I think that a more appropriate title for the article would be "Red Hat 
| speaks for us all on software patents". 
| Thank you, Red Hat.
| Red Hat presents the Open Source argument against software patents very well. 
| I would also like to see a commercial software company such as Microsoft 
| present the commercial argument against software patents. Software patents 
| are less than a zero sum game among the commercial software companies. They 
| create a net drag on the commercial software industry. Microsoft has the 
| largest loses of any company in the software patent wars and they are the 
| logical commercial candidate to lobby for the abolition of software patents.       



Red Hat plans more hiring after adding 600 employees

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite the worst recession in decades, Linux giant Red Hat added 600
| employees to its rolls during the 12 months that ended Feb. 28, and the
| Raleigh company anticipates more hiring going forward, according to a filing
| Wednesday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


Red Hat Gets Boost From Tighter IT Budgets

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux distributor Red Hat is seeing increased demand for its products even as
| the recession forces many companies to slash their IT budgets, said Red Hat
| CEO James Whitehurst.  

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