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[News] FOSS Business Acquires Another

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SpringSource acquires Hyperic to build end-to-end Java stack

,----[ Quote ]
| Enterprise Java vendor SpringSource has acquired Hyperic, a company that 
| makes Java-based system monitoring and management tools. SpringSource says 
| that the acquisition will enable them to offer a tightly integrated 
| end-to-end solution for development, deployment, and management of enterprise 
| Java applications.    


The setting Sun: responses to the acquisition

,----[ Quote ]
| Oracle's acquisition of Sun raised a lot of questions about the future of 
| Sun's core technologies. Oracle says that it is committed to Solaris and 
| Java, but some open source advocates are concerned about the implications for 
| OpenOffice.org and MySQL. Ars looks at how Oracle and members of the open 
| source software community have responded to the acquisition.    



Hyperic Adds Xen Support

,----[ Quote ]
| My favorite new virt-specific metric: CPU % Stolen. Yup, it's what it sounds
| like; thanks to the Xen/Linux base, the developers offer up stats on
| over-allocated virt processors. Ever run into a clocked CPU in one of your
| Xen VMs when nothing is really happening on the guest? CPU % Stolen
| identifies the problem - and the thief. You’ll be able to see what other VM
| is poaching cycles from your dedicated resource. This new stat is Xen-only;
| Hyperic doesn’t have a hook into this metric for VMware ESX.



Open Source Systems Management: Hyperic generates Momentum Europe-wide

,----[ Quote ]
| How about Hyperic’s Europe expansion?
|     Hyperic’s open source management solution has solicited tremendous
|     interest globally. What we have found is that close to 50% of our
|     download volume is from outside of the US. The download volumes we
|     started to see in Europe - both for our community offering and our
|     enterprise offering - have been substantial. We recognize that in order
|     to serve this community effectively we need to have a more localized
|     approach.


,----[ Quote ]
| I am very excited to have finally formalized our relationship with the Order 
| of the Green Polo, the folks that run OpenNMS.  


Red Hat, Hyperic start open-source project

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat and Hyperic have formed an open-source project for developing a core 
| set of IT infrastructure management capabilities, the companies announced 
| Thursday.  

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