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[News] Growmanager and Free Network Management Software

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Growmanager: A Garden-Variety Open Source Project

,----[ Quote ]
| The system is designed to allow users to pick and choose only the modules 
| they need based on what's being grown and in what environment, so large-scale 
| growers can manage elaborate heating and cooling systems while smaller 
| growers can simply use it to water soil or feed plants.    


Open source enterprise network management options

,----[ Quote ]
| Search for open source or freeware network monitoring, network mapping, or 
| network management software and you'll receive a bazillion hits all claiming 
| to be the most comprehensive freeware monitoring tools on the planet. Yes. A 
| bazillion is a technical term. The only true advice I have for you my friend 
| is something I learned in school, caveat emptor.    


"We do NOT want to ship the ’standard’ with Windows because we want to make the
native APIs more attractive. We want to evolve the standard APIs rapidly, and
not have ISVs [independent software vendors] spending time on something that
is cross-platform. "

                                --Chairman Bill Gates


NetworkManager 0.7.1 coming soon

,----[ Quote ]
| NetworkManager, a free utility for Linux to manage wired, wireless and mobile
| broadband connections, is about to reach version 0.7.1. Dan Williams of Red
| Hat and his fellow developers are about to release the update to 0.7.0,
| originally released in the second half of 2008. The new version will include
| a large number of fixes, updated translations and new support, including for
| Internet connections over Bluetooth via GPRS devices.

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