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[News] Free Software Lifted Owing to Economic Pressures

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Economic downturn to boost open source  

,----[ Quote ]
| According to Hasson, it isn’t only the saving on licensing requirements that 
| makes the difference, although these are considerable. Savings are also 
| achieved on the investment requirement for the hardware on which the 
| application has to run.   


More on open source software 

,----[ Quote ]
| Children and young people too have something they can use. Under 
| the “Education” category are Maths Tutors and Painting Software. GCompris is 
| an integrated education application that introduces different activities to 
| children aged three to eight.Tux of Math Command is a good way to introduce 
| young people to Tux, the Linux Penguin.    



Recession vs. FOSS

,----[ Quote ]
| Pundits and business executives alike are predicting gloomy economic times
| for 2009. But when the talk turns to free and open source software (FOSS),
| suddenly the mood brightens. Whether their concern is the business
| opportunities in open source or the promotion of free software idealism,
| experts see FOSS as starting from a strong base and actually benefiting from
| the hard times expected next year.


IT Cost-Cutting: Consider Virtualization, Look to the Cloud, Check Out Open

,----[ Quote ]
| In this episode, our analyst guests make their top five recommendations for
| cutting enterprise IT costs amid the economic downturn. How does IT adapt and
| adjust to the downturn? Is IT to play a defensive role in helping to slash
| costs and reduce its own financial burden on the enterprise?


Is the downturn good for open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| More importantly, the areas where open source is most competitive are
| different nowadays. In 2000-2002, open source fought for dominance over the
| operating system, database software, and middleware, and winners included
| Linux, MySQL, and JBoss. Building upon the spoils of that victory, open
| source has now spread up the software stack into business applications and
| into mobile and desktop applications that businesses and professionals use
| every day. The result is that the open source movement has an entirely new
| group of people to convert.


Open Source will thrive in turbulent economy

,----[ Quote ]
| A panel of top experts in the commercial open source industry, including
| executives from Acquia, Novell, Mozilla, Sun Microsystems, and SugarCRM,
| announced the results of the North Bridge Venture Partners' annual "Future of
| Open Source" survey.


Microsoft, Cisco to lose $4.3 Billion as investment banks cut cost

,----[ Quote ]
| The cut in the IT budgets of the revered investment banks like Lehman
| Brothers and Merrill Lynch due to their failure may lead industry giants like
| U.S. based Microsoft and California based Cisco to lose $4.3 billion in
| orders next year. While Cisco earns about three percent to four percent of
| annual revenue from the U.S. financial industry, Microsoft accounted for 22
| percent last year.

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