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[News] Good New Reviews of Ubuntu GNU/Linux 9.04

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A Look at Ubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty Jackalope"

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu is definately on right course and given proper oppurtunity(in forms of 
| OEM adopting it) we will definitely see more and more people chosing Ubuntu 
| as their primary desktop operating system.A Look at Ubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty 
| Jackalope"   


Turbo Ubuntu Redux

,----[ Quote ]
| Mostly. The GNOME desktop makes it easy to navigate Ubuntu via a GUI 
| interface and navigate the basics of the OS. 
| Of course, a weekend warrior's use of the new Ubuntu does not an advanced and 
| lethal Linux Navy Seal make, so take my experience with a grain of salt.  


Ubuntu 9.04 on an 8510p Compaq Laptop

,----[ Quote ]
| Have been using Linux on and off since early Slackware days, and Ubuntu since 
| its first public debut too, and I must say, for an out of the box desktop 
| setup/experience, Ubuntu 9.04 is pretty slick.  


Open, Free, Functional, and Wrapped In a Strong Sense of Self

,----[ Quote ]
| Over at the Lynx blog, Dougie Richardson cast his vote for the best comment 
| made during the course of Ubuntu's Open Week. While his choice might be 
| completely subjective, there is no denying that Mark Shuttleworth's response 
| when asked whether WINE (in its own right, or as a general synonym for 
| Windows compatibility) or native Linux ports were more important to Ubuntu's 
| success was thought provoking.     



Inside Ubuntu 9.04

,----[ Quote ]
| If you have an existing collection of music files -- as in, MP3s -- be warned
| that MP3 playback is not installed by default in Ubuntu. It has to be added
| after the fact, since shipping the OS with MP3 codecs might run afoul of
| patent issues in some countries. The good news: if you try to play just such
| a file, Ubuntu will attempt to automatically detect what's being played and
| offer to install the components needed.
| The same goes for Flash support -- nobody likes being stuck without their
| favorite YouTube videos! Click on a page that requires Flash in Firefox, and
| you'll get a prompt at the top to install the needed plug-ins. Use
| the "Gnash" plug-in to get Flash going (be sure to restart Firefox after you
| install it), and for certain Flash-embedded videos that require multimedia
| codecs, you'll be prompted to add the needed codecs in the same manner as
| when you try to play MP3s. Finally, you might need to restart any program
| that depends on such codecs after they're installed, or they may not
| recognize that anything's changed.


Ubuntu 9.04: A Social Event

,----[ Quote ]
| The release of Jaunty Jackalope (Ubuntu 9.04) on April 23 might have been the
| most celebrated open source operating system release to date — with 110
| release parties taking place across the globe. But here’s the twist: This
| wasn’t the result of a corporate PR machine. Instead, the parties involved
| the efforts of individual Ubuntu community members.


10 reasons you'll want to install Ubuntu 9.04

,----[ Quote ]
| 1: Ext 4 file system
| [...]
| 2: GNOME 2.26.1
| [...]
| 3: Speed
| [...]
| 4: Cleanup Janitor
| [...]
| 5: Nautilus encryption
| [...]
| 6: Xorg 1.6


Ubuntu, Now More Popular than Windows XP!

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu has finally eclipsed Windows XP in terms of popularity. --That is
| according to the most recent data from Google Trends.


Has Ubuntu Reached the End Of the Line?

,----[ Quote ]
| I admit it. I'm impressed. I might have written a wishy-washy review of the
| beta of Ubuntu 9.04, but now I've had a chance to play with the final
| release, I like what I'm seeing. I like it a lot. Well done, Ubuntu guys!


Ubuntu brings advanced Screen features to the masses

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest version of Ubuntu includes some nifty embellishments to the GNU
| Screen program. These improvements make some of Screen's more sophisticated
| features accessible to users.


Ubuntu Jaunty Tries to Set the Usability Agenda

,----[ Quote ]
| With these perspectives in mind, Shuttleworth set to work with the Canonical
| team and announced the proposed changes on his blog in February, pointing
| readers to a description of the new notification standards.
| These standards depend on the exact message being transmitted. If the message
| does not require any action by a user and can wait, then the message should
| display within the application it applies to. There is no need, for instance,
| for a desktop notification when Firefox crashes because Firefox has its own
| system for displaying messages. However, if no action is needed but the user
| should read the message immediately -- for instance, if a new USB drive has
| been plugged in -- then the message should go in a notification bubble
| (so-called for its rounded corners) near the system tray.


Quick look at Ubuntu 9.04

,----[ Quote ]
| This release of Ubuntu is no huge advance over the previous version, but the
| previous version was no huge leap over the version before. With Ubuntu, there
| is a steady improvement in usability, compatibility and features, and this is
| a safe and stable release, if a little uninspiring, however, turning Compiz
| on spices things up a little.


Ubuntu 9.04: Wow

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, it’s time you wow the general public. Right? You have what could easily
| stand as the most significant and improved release of any Linux distribution
| available. It’s time to make the fat lady over at Microsoft sing. Before the
| official release of Windows 7 is out and over shadows you with glitz,
| glamour, and shiny shrink-wrapped packaging you must do something with
| yourself. Put on a beautiful prom dress and show the crowd you really deserve
| to be prom queen. If you don’t, this brilliant release will not see the
| wide-spread installation it should.


Linux Distro Review : Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit with ext4.

,----[ Quote ]
| The one thing that amazed me was the speed, I am not talking just about the
| very much improved boot speed but about the speed the programs begun to
| start.
| Firefox with 10 tabs reopened (after addons installation) in just a few
| seconds ! all tabs where open like I never closed it - I have never seen this
| before !


Five Minutes of Ubuntu 9.04

,----[ Quote ]
| Performance is excellent.
| Plain, functional desktop with not a sign of visual effects (Compiz and
| such).


Reflections on ten releases of Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Such rapid growth has brought about great challenges in all of these areas,
| and provided plenty of opportunity for personal development.  I’ve had the
| opportunity to work with the most talented and dedicated team of my career, a
| team which spans corporate, national and social boundaries.  Together, we’ve
| broken new ground in realizing the potential of free software.


Jaunty Jackelop: best Ubuntu yet

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall, I think this is the best version of Ubuntu we’ve seen yet.


Ubuntu 9.04: Installs and upgrades reportedly great so far

,----[ Quote ]
| Some early reports are coming in that the Ubuntu 9.04 official release is
| proving to be a great success.


Ubuntu 9.04 Review

,----[ Quote ]
| One standard, but remarkable (because it outdoes Vista) feature of Ubuntu is
| the Compiz Fusion 3D desktop, which has enables some really cool effects. Of
| course, for this feature to function you need a 3D accelerated graphics card.


A Kid’s review of Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| She said she liked the sounds that accompany when she plays games that are
| not there in Windows. Moreover, she liked the penguins pretty much, which is
| of course a common feature of Linux distros. :)


Ubuntu 9.04 Review - Desktop Emphasis on the Jaunty Jackalope

,----[ Quote ]
| First, my only complaint with this release is that it gave me very little to
| write about. Very few earthbreaking features, but rock solid stability.
| But. The But. This is the Distro. The Distro that has finally won me over
| from the SUSE camp. The swaying points were the theme, stability and speed.
| To put it in better words, this distro takes over from openSUSE as my primary
| distro. At least, until SUSE 11.2.



,----[ Quote ]
| I was originally an Apple-centric developer back in the days who then shifted
| to writing software for Microsoft OSes just because that’s “where the money
| was” and where businesses were nailed into.  Apple has since replaced their
| original OS for BSD Linux.  The Linux OS itself has matured and flourished
| since my original exposure to Slackware, RedHat and SUSE Linux.


Kudos to Ubuntu for a great upgrade experience!

,----[ Quote ]
| So kudos to the Ubuntu developers (and all other Linux developers I guess for
| a great underlying architecture).


Ubuntu 9.04 as slick as Windows 7, Mac OS X

,----[ Quote ]
| Looking back to the genesis of Ubuntu 9.04 six months ago, I suspect that its
| subtle but powerful changes are due to the new user interface team that
| Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth said at the time he would put in place. If
| so, that team has already earned its paychecks and even more, and we're
| looking forward to seeing what another six months of development will
| produce.
| In the meantime, kudos to Ubuntu 9.04: you got game.


Jaunty Jackalope hops onto scene with GNOME 2.26, new features

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu is beginning to make considerable progress in the server space. The
| 9.04 release brings a few noteworthy improvements to the Ubuntu server
| edition that could help to further accelerate Ubuntu's growth on servers. It
| offers a first look at the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud stack, which leverages the
| Eucalyptus project to to provide software infrastructure that will enable
| companies to build their own self-hosted computing clouds. Ubuntu 9.04 server
| edition is also officially supported on Amazon's EC2 service.


Ubuntu 9.04 Released!


Ubuntu 9.04: Nothing Short of Amazing

,----[ Quote ]
| Such a wonderful release couldn’t have come at a better time.


Canonical Announces Availability of Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical, the sponsor of Ubuntu, announced today that Ubuntu 9.04 Server
| Edition is available to download from Thursday 23 April. Canonical offers
| assessment, deployment, migration, training and support services to ensure
| that companies can make the most of the cost-effective, powerful and reliable
| Ubuntu Server Edition platform.


Jaunty Jackalope Gets Green Light As Ubuntu Takes On Windows 7

,----[ Quote ]
| Inching closer to the final release of Ubuntu 9.04, codenamed as “Jaunty
| Jackalope”, the Ubuntu development team has come up with the release
| candidate (RC) for the upcoming operating system.


Canonical punts Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical this afternoon debuted its Ubuntu 9.04 release of Linux, the tenth
| release since the company founded the Ubuntu project in October 2004. This
| iteration of Ubuntu, code-named "Jaunty Jackalope," comes with mixes designed
| specifically for three platforms: netbooks, desktops, and servers.


RightScale to Extend Cloud Management to Private and Hybrid Clouds

,----[ Quote ]
| RightScale®, Inc., the leader in cloud computing management, today announced
| that the popular RightScale Cloud Management Platform will support the global
| debut of the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (powered by Eucalyptus) to help
| enterprises deploy and manage "private" clouds in their own data centers.


Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope - Review

,----[ Quote ]
| When it comes to Ubuntu, usually, I skip spring releases and focus on autumn
| editions, as I've found them to be more cultivated and more responsive to my
| needs. This time, I decided to break tradition and give the latest Ubuntu
| release beta a whirl.

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