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[News] Excessive Copyrights Lead to Fear of Knowledge

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The Fear of Knowledge

,----[ Quote ]
| Copyright infringement should not be based on fear.  Fear is a very powerful 
| tool that is all to often exploited by governments and those in power to get 
| the information they want stuffed into people’s minds.  Where do you think 
| Mrs. Smith learned this information?  Was it a credible source?  Chances are 
| it was, which brings up the question of who you can really trust.  If people 
| stopped blindly trusting the government, what would happen to fear as a 
| propaganda technique?  When discussing copyright, it is best to decide where 
| your ethics are.  “Should I share an ogg (or mp3) of this out of print CD 
| with my friend?”  “Should I consider a small violation of the DMCA a crime if 
| I will only be using the content for what used to be called ‘fair 
| use’?”  “Should I cite this public domain resource?”  “Should I tell my 
| friends about this artist and give them this audio file to get them 
| interested?”  “Should I download this BBC documentary I found on BitTorrent 
| so I can learn about Elephant migration patterns for my report on African 
| mammals?”  There are so many possibilities.  The government has drawn an 
| unreasonably inhibitory line in the dirt, and used fear to enforce it.  As a 
| result, the only way to figure out what is right or wrong is to make the 
| ethical decision yourself.                 


The Absurdity of the USTR's Blame Canada Approach

,----[ Quote ]
| The IIPA, the lead U.S. lobbyist on international IP matters, has issued a 
| press release on the USTR Special 301 report, welcoming the inclusion of 
| Canada on the Priority Watch List.   



Kiwis reject wild west copyright cut-offs

,----[ Quote ]
| NEW ZEALAND HAS REJECTED a controversial law which could have seen suspected
| illegal file sharers disconnected from the Internet without trial or
| evidence.


Draconian copyright law: Section 92 a SCRAPPED


Scoop: NZ Linux Community reject copyright law

,----[ Quote ]
| New Zealand Linux Industry and Community reject guilt on accusation copyright
| laws Press release by LinuxChix NZ, Waikato Linux Users' Group and Wellington
| Linux Users' Group 11-March-2009
| A new threat has emerged against Linux and other Open Source Software: New
| Zealand's new, ill-conceived copyright laws that pave the way for users to be
| disconnected on accusation of copyright infringement.

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