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[News] H-P ProBook Comes with Red Flag Linux, Not Just Ballnux

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HP ProBook 4710s Video Hands On

,----[ Quote ]
| It's clear that HP is attempting to target small and medium businesses that 
| need to purchase new notebooks but can't afford the $1,500+ expense of the HP 
| EliteBooks. HP offers the ProBook 4710s with Windows Vista, Windows XP, SuSE 
| Linux, FreeDOS, or Red Flag Linux so IT managers can pick the OS that makes 
| life the easiest. Likewise, optional HP Care Pack Services offer extended 
| service contracts which go beyond the standard one-year warranties for the 
| notebook and battery.      



HP refunds 520$ for unused software

,----[ Quote ]
| It is unfortunate to notice how difficult it is to assert ones’ rights in IT
| tax removal. I dare to hope that this kind of initiatives as well as those
| relayed by the project “detaxe” from swisslinux, the racketiciel.info site at
| the French level and racketware.info at the international level, will allow
| everyone not to pay pointless expenses of licenses for software of no use
| (whether they do not wish to use them, or because they already possess them)
| whatever their choice of equipment. A clear display of the prices of this ”
| inclusive software ” as well as their optionality would be to the advantage
| of the consumers and the computers makers.

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