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[News] New Lie Centred Around Bandwidth, Used to Abuse Neutrality

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Time Warner Cable Earnings Refute Download Cap Economics (Again)

,----[ Quote ]
| Time Warner Cable spent much of April pushing scary statistics about internet 
| hogs, futilely attempting to convince the press and its eight million 
| broadband customers that downloading was killing the company’s bottom line 
| and would lead to internet Armageddon if its current buffet-style plan was 
| not replaced with a pay-by-the-byte model.    


No, The Internet Isn't Running Out Of Bandwidth

,----[ Quote ]
| Nemertes Research has a history of putting out fear mongering reports about 
| the coming bandwidth flood that will kill the internet. So I pretty much 
| ignored the news that it had come out with another one, which the press is 
| happy to report without any hint of skepticism (or noting that Nemertes is 
| funded by telcos who stand to benefit from fears of a bandwidth glut).    


Telecoms Package: When rapporteurs betray EU citizens. 

,----[ Quote ]
| On both parts of the Telecoms Package, rapported by Malcolm Harbour (IMCO 
| report) and Catherine Trautmann (ITRE report), agreements have been found 
| with the Council of the EU to destroy or neutralize major protections of the 
| citizens against graduated response, "net discrimination" and filtering of 
| content on the Internet. There is little time left, but the Parliament has a 
| last chance with the plenary vote on May 6th to reaffirm its commitment to 
| protecting EU citizens.       



Time Warner halts metered billing tests

,----[ Quote ]
| Time Warner Cable has put the brakes on a trial that was testing its
| new "consumption-based billing" system for its broadband service, the company
| said Thursday.


Time Warner tries again, fails to justify caps and charges

,----[ Quote ]
| Time Warner Cable has increased all of its Internet data caps, added some new
| ones, and generously offered to limit overage charges to $75/month. Perhaps
| that's because the company's broadband operations are actually earning more
| cash and have lower expenses than they did in 2007, making TWC's stated
| rationale for the caps less tenable.


Why Cable ISP Capping is the New DRM, and Suck

,----[ Quote ]
| I, like many people, have been subscribing to Internet connection services
| since the days of 300 baud modems. Then I upgraded to 14.4k, 36.6k, 56k, DSL,
| and now cable. Unfortunately, due to where I am living today, I'm stuck on 3
| Mbit Verizon DSL service, which is often running at less than 1 Mbit.
| Thankfully, my service doesn't have a download cap on it--at least not yet
| anyway.

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