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[News] MEPIS 8.0 Works Well

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Migration to Mepis 8.0 Complete!

,----[ Quote ]
| That was one reason I never was happy with Mepis, but Mepis developers have 
| changed from being based on Ubuntu, they are now based on Debian. So I tried 
| it again and find it to be a fine fine Distro.  



Mepis 8

,----[ Quote ]
| I just recently downloaded and installed Mepis again. I’ll have to say, it
| has really improved from previous installs I’ve tried. Before it was based on
| Ubuntu and had the blot inherited from such a blotted upstream distro.
| Ubuntu has done some great things for the Linux Community, but they have
| fallen off the cart in my book, because they have copied M$ in trying to be
| all things to all people and because of that, have blotted their system to
| become almost unusable on smaller older boxes.
| [...]
| So I believe Mepis will rank higher than it has in the past for me. For now
| at least, it’s 2nd to my main OS Debian. And that says a lot when it can bump
| Distros like Open Suse.


My Days at MEPIS

,----[ Quote ]
| Anyway, I won't bore you with the details, but after getting it up on her
| system, I like it so well that I think I will install it on my laptop.

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