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[News] GNU/Linux Applications So Good That They Are Worth Buying

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Software I'd Pay Money for

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux has been my primary Desktop for about 13 years now. As such I rarely 
| have to pay for software. Open source is just awesome that way. Yet when I 
| thought about it I have paid for Codeweavers Crossover Linux,  despite the 
| fact that its available for free as wine. I've also paid for Zend's  Studio 
| for Eclipse  even though much of the functionally is available in the PDT 
| plugin for Eclipse. While I don't do so currently, I've been known to pay for 
| SuSE Linux  and StarOffice.      


Editor's Note: Taking FOSS to the Next Level

,----[ Quote ]
| To me Digikam is one great example of the right way to steer the development 
| of a complex application. The Digikam team are very good at understanding 
| what a good digital photo management workflow is, and every release of 
| Digikam advances both functionality and efficiency. They listen to users, and 
| while it is impossible to please everyone, I think they're doing a great job. 
| The best FOSS projects have this blend of clueful leadership that has a 
| sound, clear vision, and also knows how to listen to users.       



Microsoft Holders Say Web Spending Masks Idea Drought (Update1)

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer says he plans to spend
| hundreds of millions of dollars to fix the company's unprofitable Internet
| business. His investors say they want proof he knows what to do with the
| money.
| After walking away from six months of on-again, off-again talks about buying
| all or part of Yahoo! Inc., owner of the No. 2 Web search engine, Ballmer has
| left shareholders wondering if he has a plan B.
| Microsoft, the biggest software maker, has lost about $90 billion in market
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| value this year as Ballmer vacillated on Yahoo and failed to show how he
| would crack Google Inc.'s dominance of Internet advertising.

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