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Re: [News] Mandriva GNU/Linux 2009 Spring is Release, Reasons to Choose It Numbered

Marti van Lin wrote:
> Lusotec wrote:
>> Doctor Smith wrote:
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> Celebrate Spring with Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring
>>> Why?
>> Because Spring is a time of rebirth, a time of joy, a time
>> of growth. :)
>> Seriously, those using Mandriva 2009.0 or a previous version
>> have a good number of improvements in 2009.1 and the upgrade
>> path is very simple. Anyone else can give it a try and see
>> for them selves if it grows on them, being Spring and such.
>> :)
> BTW Mark Kent wrote an excellent article about Doctor Sh1t and
> his ilk:
> http://www.aeonity.com/mark_kent/usenet-trolls
> So sad :-(

I have a mental image here of a sad and lonely man, in a bedsit
or cramped flat, dishes stacking out of the sink, and the remains
of the last take-away meal waiting to be put into the rubbish
bin. The room is fairly dark, perhaps a single light bulb, but
most illumination comes from a PC monitor, sat pride of place, on
an untidy but obviously well-used desk. There are piles of old
PCI cards nearby, and lots of "windows for dummys" books, and
perhaps an MCSE certificate in a frame on the wall, in view of
the computer user. [...]

So, he fills his empty hours with busy minutes, convincing
himself that there is some value to his interaction with the
usenet community he came to harass. The busy minutes often feel
like exciting seconds, as he trolls someone into a response,
perhaps justifying a point, or disputing, yet again, the same
argument he made last year and the year before, in those endless,
lonely days of empty hours, stretching back as far as he chooses
to recall. When he was younger, he used to look down on the old
men, sat on their parkbenches, but now, he avoids gazing at them,
because he's terrified of seeing himself, in 20 years, looking

Actually, that description aptly fits others beside Flatfish.

One particular troll comes to mind, who continually nymshifts and
mocks Linux advocates by adding their nyms to his in a derogatory
fashion pro'ly has an Air Force secret security clearance
certificate next to his MCSE one.

It also aptly fits one Mactroll who likes to fabricate cloth
about Linux, post links from his website then troll those who
respond.  Fortunately, most on this site sees his moronic rants
(even trolls like cc and Hadron) and ignore him.


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