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[News] British Press Tries Fedora 10 and Likes It

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Fedora 10 put to the test

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora 10 is a polished and attractive desktop, and offers some advantages 
| over its closest rival, Ubuntu 8.10. Its up-to-date software may provide 
| useful features to many people, although this could also mean less stability 
| compared to more tested software. For beginners, Ubuntu is still undoubtedly 
| the best choice, but for anyone willing to experiment a little and try out 
| alternatives, Fedora 10 is certainly worth a shot.     



Red Hat Fedora 11 Focuses on the Linux Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux vendor Red Hat (NYSE:RHT) is ramping up for its next community Linux
| release as Fedora 11, codenamed "Leonidas" hits its preview milestone release
| today -- showing off the future of Linux technologies.
| Fedora 11 includes new open source technologies that accelerate the Linux
| desktop from a number of different perspectives. Boot time is improved, as is
| device connectivity, while server-side installations will benefit from a new
| Linux filesystem and enhanced virtualization capabilities.


Another 100,000+ week for Fedora 10

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora 10 has been gaining new users at impressive rates.  This past week
| alone Fedora 10 has picked up over 100,000 more.


Red Hat Fedora Claims It's the Leader in Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat's Fedora community Linux distribution has now tallied its user base,
| and it's a number that on the surface would make it the largest installed
| base of any Linux distribution, with at least 9.5 million users and possibly
| as many as 10.5 million.

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