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[News] GNU/Linux Desktops Deployed in Belgium's Public Sector

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BE: Ubuntu GNU/Linux for desktop PCs public library in city of Boom 

,----[ Quote ]
| The public administration of the city of Boom is using Ubuntu for ten new 
| publicly accessible desktop PCs in its public library. The Boom library is 
| not the only public library in Belgium using this GNU/Linux distribution.  
| For those who want to install Ubuntu or OpenOffice on other computers, the 
| library is making installation disks available. 
| "The city council has decided to replace out-dated desktop PCs by ten very 
| fast Linux-PCs running Ubuntu", the administrations writes on its web 
| site. "The PCs will have a broad band Internet connection and can be used for 
| a thirty minutes, or more if there are no other users waiting."   



Common Belgium - Open Source Applications

,----[ Quote ]
| Common Belgium organizes a day dedicated to Open Source Applications on
| December 17 in Brussels. This day allows you to participate to several
| conferences to put theory into practice. The program includes talks about the
| Content Management Systems Plone.


Acquia Provides Support to Bring College Mogul on Drupal Back Up

,----[ Quote ]
| Drupal has won Best Overall Open Source CMS Award for the second year in a
| row as well as Best PHP Open Source CMS by Packt Publishing. After working at
| Acquia for the past few months and learning about the Drupal phenonemon, it
| comes as no surprise. I only wish I knew about Drupal earlier so I wouldn't
| have wasted time toying with WordPress. WP is a nice platform, and you can
| build great blogs on the software, but Drupal is able to take content
| management to the next level. Drupal gives you the ability to build a social
| network on top of your blog, add group functionality, profiles, blog
| networks, or build sophisticated social publishing sites.


Belgium.be using Drupal

,----[ Quote ]
| Belgium.be, the official website of Belgium, is using Drupal at
| http://forum2010.belgium.be. This forum site has been put together in
| preparation for our Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the
| second half of 2010.


Drupal on cover of Information Week

,----[ Quote ]
| Drupal was featured on the cover of last week's Information Week, a weekly
| technology magazine with 440,000 subscribers.


Option unveils Compal as first MID customer

,----[ Quote ]
| The new MID also includes GlobeTrotter Connect for Linux: connection
| management software specially developed by Option for Mobile Internet Devices
| based on the Intel(R) Centrino(R) Atom(TM) processor technology. Option is
| currently working with Compal to secure certification and operator validation
| for this device in multiple markets.


Belgium on the way to scrap patents in Flemish?

,----[ Quote ]
| The council of ministers in Belgium has decided last 23rd of May to proceed
| with the ratification of the London Agreement, in order to scrap the
| requirement for translations of patents granted in Belgium in Flemish.



Ubuntu in Vermist

,----[ Quote ]
| In today’s episode of spot the operating system we present to you the Belgian
| movie Vermist where police detectives apparently use Ubuntu as their
| operating system of choice.


ODF Seminar for Municipalities

,----[ Quote ]
| Seminar on ODF, targeted at municipalities in Belgium.
| Guest speakers include product managers from various vendors and
| representatives of federal and local governments.


Belgium Government Deploys IONA's Open Source FUSE(TM) ESB

,----[ Quote ]
| The system which was developed with ETNIC, the information technology agency
| of the Belgium French community, is using IONA's FUSE ESB (Enterprise Service
| Bus) to integrate the multiple applications, servers and databases to
| facilitate real-time registration and validation of over one million student
| records.    


Akademy 2008 to be Held in Belgium

,----[ Quote ]
| The annual KDE World Summit, Akademy, has found a home for 2008 in the heart
| of Europe, Belgium.


Intalio's open source suite used for Belgium schools

,----[ Quote ]
| Intalio Inc. said Monday its open source business process management suite
| has been deployed by the Belgium Ministry of Education to manage more than
| one million student records.  


Mandriva Shows Off 3D Linux Graphics, Opens Benelux Unit

,----[ Quote ]
| In a separate announcement, Mandriva also said last week that it has
| established a company in Belgium called Mandriva Benelux that will be the
| sole means of distributing and supporting Mandriva Linux in Belgium, the
| Netherlands, and Luxembourg. The new unit will be able to ink its own OEM
| agreements to get Mandriva Linux distributed in the region, and will work
| with local educational institutions and governments to spur the adoption of
| Linux and open source software in those three countries. Mandriva's various
| Linux distributions are available in 80 languages and in 140 countries
| through a combination of direct and indirect channels.


Adult coaching in Open Source in Belgium

,----[ Quote ]
| Our school has always maintained high standards and is proud to
| present itself as the only school in Belgium where beginners and
| experts can learn Linux.
| Subjects include Linux Initiation, Sendmail, Samba, Apache, PHP.
| Of course we do not forget OpenOffice.org, Firefox,
| Evolution/Kmail or Thunderbird.

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