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[News] [Rival] A Week After Microsoft's Slump (Earnings Down 32%) MicrosoftWatch Calls It Quits

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] A Week After Microsoft's Slump (Earnings Down 32%) MicrosoftWatch Calls It Quits
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 01 May 2009 20:23:48 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Thank You and Goodbye

,----[ Quote ]
| With that, there is nothing left to say but goodbye—and thank you. 


Don't Cry For Disappearing Newspapers

,----[ Quote ]
| Local TV news was the first and most obvious casualty. Nearly all local TV 
| stations lost local, independent ownership years ago. You might have noticed 
| when you travel that the local news in Podunk, Texas is identical to the 
| local news in Backwoods, Oregon. Only the place names are changed. Even the 
| on-air personalities are the same, like they are bred on special farms.    
| Local radio suffered a very sneaky downfall-- programming is presented as 
| though it is produced locally, but in fact radio stations have been gobbled 
| up by conglomerates and converted into clones of each other. Chances are your 
| local station is staffed only by a technician or two, and all content is 
| beamed in from a remote central location. When the on-air personality adds 
| local color with statements like "It's a beautiful day here in downtown 
| Podunk!" he is lying his head off, because he recorded his show a thousand 
| miles away and has never been in Podunk. Both local radio and TV stations are 
| remote-controlled by media consultants who have never left their special 
| media consultant lairs.          


Microsoft's press is on fire.


An Insider’s View: The Strange Final Days Of The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

,----[ Quote ]
| The next day would be the last of the print Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the
| publisher declared. He added that “the bloodline” would live on in the form
| of a news website carrying the Seattle Post-Intelligencer name. Behind him
| were human-resources professionals flown in from other Hearst-owned papers in
| Houston and San Francisco.
| The announcement was spun as the first paper to make the transition to an
| all-digital daily. Nevermind that the site left behind would be a skeleton of
| its former self. The new editor in charge would not respond to questions when
| I asked her for a story about the transition intended to run in the final
| print-edition. Instead, she posted her own, unfiltered thoughts online.


Seattle P-I to publish last edition Tuesday

,----[ Quote ]
| The Seattle Post-Intelligencer will roll off the presses for the last time
| Tuesday.


Seattle P-I Goes Online-Only Tomorrow


Journalists Not Missing A Beat



Computer Glitch Halts Seattle New Year's Fireworks

,----[ Quote ]
| At the stroke of midnight New Year's Eve, Seattle's fireworks show ground to
| a halt. The source of the problem is reported to be a corrupted file that
| wasn't checked until the last minute. After two reboots, the fireworks had to
| be detonated manually. And yes ... one blog commenter, claiming to have
| worked on prior shows, said that the shows run on Windows...


Seattle Area Bloggers Needed for Microsoft User Research Study

,----[ Quote ]
| For your participation, we'll give you your choice of retail
| software and hardware from our extensive list. Current titles
| include the latest Xbox, Xbox 360, and PC games, keyboards,
| Microsoft Office, Windows, productivity software and much more.


Newspaper site spreads Virus

,----[ Quote ]
| COMPUTER USERS unfortunate enough to visit seattletimes.com, seattlepi.com or
| NWautos.com between 9 am Friday and 2 pm on Sunday could have been walloped
| by a virus.

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