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Re: Firefox 6 and 7 Available for Download

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____/ William Poaster on Sunday 10 Jul 2011 11:48 : \____

> In reply to TomB who posted:
>> On 2011-07-10, the following emerged from the brain of William Poaster:
>>> And this gem!
>>> [==]
>>> Michael B. Trausch:
>>> I was more referring to Microsoft _supporting_ a large number of
>>> filesystems.  Say, for example, having out-of-the-box support for
>>> ext{2,3,4}, ReiserFS, NTFS, and FATxx would be a great start.  Also,
>>> the ability to install on any of those systems would be a nice
>>> addition, but not necessary.
>>> Hadron: Yet in Linux its OK to have to have it packaged in a repository and
>>> then installed?
>>> TomB: Dude, it's in the kernel...
>>> Hadron: e.g gparted is "not in the kernel".
>>> TomB:  And what the hell has gparted to do with filesystem support?
>>> Subject: Getting a job done: GNU/Linux saves (nothing)
>>> Message-ID: <sR2Lk.34512$KL7.24647@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>> [==]
>> Haha, I remember that. Great.
> Yes. LOL

Never seen it. pwnt.

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