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Re: A Look at Bodhi Linux, Based on Ubuntu GNU/Linux

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____/ JeffM on Tuesday 12 Jul 2011 18:17 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>|Iâm quite impressed by this distro, itâs pretty, itâs fast,
>>|itâs light, Iâ I just canât find a faultâ
> WattOS, moonOS, and Elive
> had all used Enlightenment as their default desktops.
> WattOS and moonOS dropped E17 as the UI.
> Elive (payware) has always looked like it was on life support
> (similar to the way MEPIS was rattling its tin cup for a while).
> Chief developer for Bodhi (Sanscrit for "Enlightenment")
> is Jeff Hoogland (20 years old).
> Its good to see another distro with E17 as the default.
> If there's a fault to be found,
> its that its LiveCD / default install is *too* light, app-wise.

He is not only young, he also became a Linux user not so long ago.
Watch how people switch sides and get involved even if they are
not developers.

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