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Re: The Microsoft bully is still around, as ever (but not for long, Linux is killing its cash cows)

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____/ Homer on Wednesday 13 Jul 2011 16:59 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that nessuno spake thusly:
>> You know I read the legal goings-on regarding patents on Groklaw and
>> such places, and see how the good guys are finding prior art for all
>> the trivial ideas that have been patented out there.  And I think, my
>> god, why are we even having this discussion?  These software patents
>> are SO STUPID!  Every one of them should fail on the grounds that they
>> are OBVIOUS!  It is so obvious that software patents are strangling
>> innovation, and that they only benefit the big companies (and the big
>> bullies like Microsoft).  But politics is so generally right-wing and
>> dominated by big money that I don't hold out much hope for change.
> The problem is today's political and business culture sees unethical
> opportunism as just another business strategy, and a perfectly noble
> one at that, like cheering-on boxers in a boxing ring. To them, it's
> all good sport, and they never stop to consider how barbaric it is.
> That's why Intel only got a slap on the wrist when it was caught red
> handed bribing Dell, to the tune of 76% of Dell's operating capital,
> to exclude AMD processors. That's why no effective punitive measures
> have ever been taken against Microsoft, for its many anticompetitive
> dealings. And that's why companies are allowed to fight like animals
> in cages, exchanging blows in court over things that have absolutely
> no merit whatsoever. It's a bloodsport played by thugs and supported
> by the morally bankrupt; a barbaric form of "competition", where the
> goal is to "kill" everyone and be the last man standing.
> That is /not/ what commerce should be about.
> But it's hard to convince morally bankrupt thugs otherwise.
> The primary source of this twisted business ethic is the US, because
> it's infested with libertarians who despise government intervention,
> in this or any other issue, and they demand the right to "kill" each
> other with complete impunity. To solve the "patent issue", or indeed
> /any/ of the myriad issues of unethical business, one first needs to
> address the fundamental problem of US politics, and somehow convince
> people to abandon their infatuation with selfishness and greed. That
> may be difficult though, given that it seems to be the primary basis
> of the American Dream. Personally I don't believe the problem can be
> solved. This diseased ideology will simply run its course until it's
> burned itself out. Judging by the pitiful state of the economy, that
> day may come sooner than we think. Rome is burning.

Remember what the 'Soviet Dream' did to the USSR. Those who exploit
the Intellectual Monopolies system may be able to afford an escape
route (or be Billionaire Oligarchs in the Republic of Russia),
but the wreck they leave behind has several generations of 
kids needing to pay the ancestors' debt (mostly those who robbed
and fled the now-destroyed system).

Remember when Greece was a world power? Look at it now.

The US is really a wonderful place to live provided you're in the
top 10% (or higher percentile). Don't think those people pay back
the debt they help create, they have tax-exempted 'foundations',
essentially taking away from the public the money they owe due to
tax and then gifting this public money for their own selfish PR
offensive/reputation laundering.

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		~~ Best of wishes

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